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How to Get New Hot Sales Leads This Week

Published 23 Jan 2018 by Jen Cousins, CANDDi
Read this in about 2 minutes

Select from your CRM a selection of companies you would love to work with.

I mean really, really love to work with.

Prospect businesses so perfect that if you signed them as clients it would change your year, your career prospects and would actually make your 2018 target a foregone conclusion!

Imagine that, 2018, in the bag, already.

Yep, that kind of perfect prospect firm.

Now, you need to do some quick desk research. You might use LinkedIn to find the name of the most suitable contact within that firm and use to secure their email address.

Next, Write a short attention email… I mean really short, asking when would be a great time to make contact to discuss ‘X’.

Now ‘X’ has to be something that will rock their world…

For example, depending on your industry, ‘X’ might be:

  • - “How we’ve helped your nearest competitors revolutionise how they currently source, maintain and service their IT equipment, showing a huge percentage cost saving and reducing down time by over 30%”

You see where we’re going here….

Short, because they’ll typically be viewing on a small screen.

With a BIG BANG… because you have ti give prospects a first class reason to respond.

A huge reason to respond.

Such a reason that it’s a total no-brainer.

Load it into your email, maybe that’s your MailChimp, or maybe send from your usual inbox.

Make sure you’ve got your CANDDi tracking switched on before you hit send… (If you don’t do this then you’re just a sales person firing off sales emails into the ether, acting busy, in the vain hope someone will boomerang you an order… how’s that been working for you?)

Now, check in on your CANDDi screen and watch your prospects, your life changing, career enhancing, 2018 in the bag already prospects checking you out!

  • - See who is ready for a call now.

  • - See who’s on your pricing page, your products page.

  • - Who’s checking out your testimonials and case studies…?

  • - How long did that hot prospect spend on your technical spec page…

Now, you’ve all the information you need to reach out to your perfect prospect…

So if you’re wondering how to take the first step and move your prospect from online browser to profiled perfect prospect who you’re having a conversation with then, join Jen on Thursday at 1100 for our webinar.

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