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Best Practices For LinkedIn Messaging

Published 22 Dec 2021 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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So you’ve been playing around with the LinkedIn Prospect Tracker, but perhaps haven’t been getting the results you’d hoped for.

Well, it goes without saying that while we’ll certainly track and identify every individual who clicks through to your site from LinkedIn messages, creating a message compelling enough to click is on you!

So let’s look at a couple of ways to get more people clicking on your LinkedIn messages, and ultimately more identified prospects in CANDDi.

Warm them up with soft interactions

After connecting with a potential customer on LinkedIn, you don’t need to jump right in with a message!

Instead, spend some time liking and commenting on their posts. If you see them commenting on other posts, go ahead and join in the conversation too!

Now, to be clear: make sure your comments bring something valuable to the discussion. You aren’t just interacting for the sake of it, you’re trying to establish yourself as a peer amongst your prospects and someone worthy of their trust.

After a little while of these interactions, you can then consider sending a message and opening up a dialogue.

Your opening message to a prospect shouldn’t be one of the CANDDi-Tracked templates which links to your website.

Instead, begin with something personalized that requires a response, such as:

  • Happy Friday, prospect! Just saw your blog post about X, I really enjoyed it. What do you think about Y?
  • Hey prospect, I saw your discussion about Y. Would you say it’s one of the biggest problems you’re facing right now?

These are no-pressure conversation starters, and after a few more back-and-forth messages, you can think about inserting a link to your website with the CANDDi LinkedIn Prospect Tracker.

Try to keep things natural, and don’t be too pushy!

Because of the way the LinkedIn Prospect Tracker works, the links you send include a reference to CANDDi in the URL.

Since you are attempting to link a prospect to your website with a link that seems to direct somewhere different, some eagle-eyed individuals may notice this and be dissuaded from clicking.

To combat this, it is possible to upgrade your LinkedIn Prospect Tracker so that the links you use point to your own website and do not redirect through us. Since this takes some development on our end, it will be included as an add-on to your package - just click here to send us a message about it!