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Email marketing metrics - what to expect?

Published 03 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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It’s said that, on average, we make around 35,000 decisions per day. What you order from the coffee shop, what shoes to wear and what emails you decide to reply to or not.

So when it comes to email marketing, there’s so many factors that influence your recipients decision to open or delete. There’s no hard rules for what is successful and what isn’t, by typically, there are 3 main measured of email marketing success:

  • Deliverability
  • Open Rate
  • Clickthrough Rate

The success of each of these depends on what type of data you’re sending your emails to. This may seem obvious, but when you send to data you’ve already touched base with, you’re likely to achieve a higher response rate than when sending out to a ‘cold’ or ‘prospect’ database.

This is because your customers have familiarity with your brand and are open to receiving email communication.

But what can you expect when you’re sending emails out cold?

For a B2B cold email marketing campaign, with data purchased from a reputable source, we would expect this to achieve between an 8% - 12% open rate and between a 0.8% - 1.2% clickthrough rate.

To organically grown data, we would anticipate these results to be higher. c.20% or more open rate and c.3% or more click through.

When done, well bulk email marketing is probably the most powerful form of outbound marketing activity. We see campaigns of varying success run on a daily basis and should therefore be well placed to advise.

With the CANDDi email plugin, you’ll know exactly who’s opened your email, who’s clicked through and who’s sent you straight to the bin. This allows you to act fast when it comes to warm leads and gives you the knowledge you need to nurture those sceptical prospects.

You’ll receive real-time notifications when anyone opens your email or clicks on any links within it, so you have full visibility over the success and engagement of each marketing email you send.

If you do have any questions or would like some advice on your upcoming marketing campaign feel free to let us know at