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Practical GDPR Recommendations

Published 07 Oct 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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GDPR, it’s a tough world out there… so oo ensure compliance with data protection CANDDi recommend the tried and tested considerations below:

A cookie banner is required to inform your website visitors in a ‘clear and unambiguous way’ that cookies are being used on your site. This has to be easy for the user to revoke or change.

How do you do that? You know how you always get those pops ups that let you review and amend your preferred cookie settings? Those.

Should a compliance question or issue arise, additional scrutiny will be placed on your cookie policy/ statements. Your policy should clearly explain the description and purpose of the cookies you’re using.

More importantly, you need to ensure reasonable care has been taken to obtain freely given, specific and informed consent from your website visitors.

Legitimate Interest

If you’re using the legitimate interest principle within your website tracking, it’s advisable to have this on record in your GDPR preparation. This should include the grounds on which this is relevant to your business.

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