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Why is a privacy policy important?

Published 08 Oct 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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The law currently requires a cookie policy to give visitors the opportunity to opt-in to being tracked on your website, or opt-out if they choose.

GDPR requires this to be easily accessible and clear to read. It also requires the user is able to access the policy again to alter their consent options at any time. If you need help with this, you can read our guide to the legalities of using data.

A lot of this is down to cookies, but don’t worry if you’re not sure what they are or how they’re used. We’ve put together a little guide for you here. Similarly, you can see our own Cookie Policy here.

Although it’s important to remember that a cookie policy does not replace a privacy policy (which details all data processes the website undertakes, rather than just the cookies). If you’re using CANDDi tracking, there’s more than just cookies involved. So you need to make sure both policies are GDPR compliant.

You can see CANDDi’s Privacy Policy here.

If you need help getting to grips with all this legal jargon, speak to our team at