Case Study: Susan Beastall, Director at Soutron

“We have continued to use CANDDi because no one else offers the same capability at such a cost-effective price. That, coupled with the fact that we like the people there – they listen and they understand what we are trying to achieve.”

Company background

Established in 1989, Soutron provides a wide range of organizations with software that enables them to efficiently manage their information and resources. Soutron works with libraries, archives and information centers to make relevant hard copy and electronic documents searchable and easily accessible to staff, customers and other permitted users. Customers include Halliburton, HarperCollins, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and many high profile libraries and archives.

“We wanted to track and identify people coming onto our website and then be able to approach them with appropriate comms. I did trial a few other products but I liked CANDDi’s tracking capabilities – not many other platforms offer that.”

The Issue/Challenge Faced

Soutron is one of CANDDi’s longest standing clients and first became aware of its capabilities when researching solutions that would help them to identify and track businesses and individuals using their website.

Soutron uses a combination of outsourced sales and lead generation as well as an in-house managed marketing program to identify and engage with prospects and customers. Director Susan Beastall wanted to take this a step further to be able to identify when targeted prospects had shown interest by visiting the Soutron website, or when previously unknown individuals found their website through search or third-party recommendation.

CANDDi for Soutron

As Soutron had some established sales, marketing and lead generation processes already in place, they were looking for a solution that would work alongside their existing activities. Using CANDDi’s tracking code in their newsletters and emails that promote content and tools, such as whitepapers, on their website has meant that they can see who has responded to their approaches and what they do on the website once they click through.

The sales team can also see if any other activities have provoked interest as they get alerts when identified prospects go to the Soutron website to get more information. This means that they can follow up with the leads that show the best chance of conversion.
Susan also uses CANDDi to allocate new leads to her sales team, who can see what these prospects have shown interest in, as well as using CANDDi profiles to gather background information on the business and areas of operation.

Soutron also uses CANDDi capture forms to ask if website visitors need more information at opportune moments. The CANDDi capture forms are an effective way of gathering email addresses from new prospects which can then be fed through to Soutron’s CRM for follow-up.

The Benefits

Susan says…
“We chose CANDDi because it offers the tracking capabilities that we need – the information that we get from the system means that our sales team is briefed and we can measure and act on the responses to our marketing efforts.”

Soutron has more insight into what sales and marketing activities drive traffic to their website. The team also has information on who is using their website and use this to target their best prospects.
The ability to track how prospects follow up the marketing approaches sent from Soutron is a key factor in equipping the sales team with the information that they need to effectively engage with contacts and win business.
“50-60% of people on our website are actually trying to sell us something. We needed to be able to cut through this to identify the real prospects.
With CANDDi, we can see which companies are interested in our services and which pages they have been on.”

Because Soutron uses CANDDi’s coding on their outbound marketing communications, they can tag their contacts and then identify when they return to the website, whether or not they have clicked through from the original email sent by Soutron’s marketing team.

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