CANDDi Capture - Timing is everything

Reach the right prospect at the right time with CANDDi Capture, automatically connecting your sales team with their hottest prospects.

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  • Imagine the scene: Thanks to CANDDi, you already know a prospect is keen. You just need a chance to talk to them so you can close the sale.

  • CANDDi Capture allows you to engage with your prospects when they’re already thinking about you – because they’re visiting your website. Our popup chat interface appears and you can start a direct conversation.

How CANDDi Capture can help you and your business

It’s Timely

When your prospect is active on your website, they’re actively thinking about your products. That’s the perfect time to make a sale, and CANDDi Capture gives you the edge to make that happen.

It’s Smart

CANDDi Capture will notify the right person on your team to leap into action. Not everyone will be right to close every sale, so CANDDi Capture assigns conversations automatically, based rules you set up in advance.

It’s Simple

CANDDi Capture is easy for everyone. It takes just three minutes to set up, and then works in the background to intelligently connect the right prospects visiting your website to the right members of your sales team. That’s all there is to it – smart automation at its best!

It's for mobile too

CANDDi Capture is beautifully designed for any screen size. Whether your user is on the smallest mobile phone, the sharpest-resolution tablet, or a professional desktop monitor, CANDDi Capture looks the part.

And it’s versatile!

Choose from four different pop-up capture interfaces, depending on what best suits your needs. Encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter, contact you, answer a survey, or claim a free download such as your latest report.

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