Case Study: Rod Cobain MD of Smarter Business Growth

“CANDDi does it all. It is both a qualifier and an ice-breaker. I wish I’d had it 30 years ago.”

Company background

Smarter Business Growth (SBG) was founded to deliver qualified lead generation and business development services for B2B companies. It aims to bolster the skills of in-house B2B marketing teams through sales process training and, in particular, lead generation technique. SBG will work with its clients for a period of around three months – after which they should be sufficiently well equipped to use the new tools they have acquired. CANDDi is a key ingredient of the SBG service offering.

The Issue/Challenge Faced

SBG chose to work with CANDDi above other marketing automation platforms. Rod Cobain, Director, SBG explained that with 32 years of sales and marketing experience, he already had a set of criteria in mind for a tool that would help him to qualify and approach his leads. He had wanted to deeply understand the prospect, appear informed to the prospect and reduce both the sales cycle and the cost of sale. Cobain was aware of other solutions but found that only CANDDi provides such a wealth of intelligence to allow for creation of a full prospect profile and therefore, the means to engage in the most appropriate way.
Also, alternatives in the market require the customer to enter a long-term contractual agreement, insisting that they use the platform’s proprietary set of tools such as email marketing and CRM systems. The lack of lock-in is a key market differentiator and a further reason why CANDDi was the solution of choice for SBG. CANDDi consists of just two lines of code and can be easily integrated with existing marketing and CRM systems.

CANDDi for Smarter Business Growth

SBG uses CANDDi for its own digital marketing purposes as well as recommending it to clients as part of its services. Having used the CANDDi code in outbound emails, and the CANDDi capture forms on its website, SBG is able to identify and track the behavior of visitors.

Once prospects are identified, Cobain follows up by asking about their own lead generation technique. Many businesses reply that they use Google Analytics to track website traffic, and happily report how many people have visited their website. By gently introducing CANDDi, these businesses can see exactly who has visited the website, the company they are from, exactly what they looked at and for how long.
Prospects realize the benefits of more accurate tracking and profiling. For example, Energised Works, the first major client of SBG, wanted to target clients in the London area only. CANDDi allowed filtering to London-based prospects, removing the time and effort the business had been putting into a shotgun approach. SBG persuaded the client to use CANDDi in conjunction with email campaigns. Historically, all business had been generated via recommendations but the resulting visibility allowed Energised Work to create a strategic business development roadmap.

The Benefits

Rod Cobain says…
“We get valuable data that lets us formulate the best approach for the prospect – this means that we maximize our sales efforts toward the best leads.”
In its first three months of trading, SBG was successful in identifying and engaging with five qualified business prospects as a direct result of using CANDDi on its website. In addition to Energised Work, four prospects - including a well-known insurance company - are now ready to sign for services.

Cobain summarized that CANDDi allows a more intelligent, targeted approach to digital marketing and facilitates stronger relationships with prospects, completely removing the need for a cold call. It avoids gatekeepers, is mobile-ready, and shortens the sales cycle overall.

What’s more, CANDDi gives great visibility of full market potential as a result of prospect profiling and allows businesses to take control of where to concentrate their marketing efforts. Since it creates the ideal opportunity for clients to understand a business, market and ethos, it allows them to move from a market reactive to market proactive state.

SBG now plans to start targeting the professional services market. In the legal sector, for example, more and more law firms are setting up, meaning that competition is greater than ever for a limited amount of business. In the face of this competitive landscape, many firms continue to rely on outdated prospecting and sales methods. SGB plans to take law firms through a process of optimizing their websites and introducing CANDDi along with MailChimp and LinkedIn to deliver a steady stream of qualified leads. The resulting intelligence gained will enable law firms to cherry-pick the ideal client demographic from which to maximize their service delivery.

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