Case Study: Rick Morris, Marketing at Fin International

“CANDDi greatly assists targeted marketing campaigns. It offers an effective, solution-based service that is personal. Overall it is a great product backed up by fantastic service.”

Company background

Fin International (Fin) is a full-service creative agency specializing in the financial services sector, delivering branding, digital, advertising, content marketing, literature, reporting and PR.
Based in London, the 28-year-old independent business works across the world’s largest financial centers. Clients have included Aviva, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, STOXX and Pioneer Investments.

The Issue/Challenge Faced

As a highly specialized agency, Fin required a tool that would enable a targeted approach to their inbound marketing, delivering results over and above those generated by a broad-brush method. Marketing Consultant Rick Morris has been brought on board to take responsibility for driving new business and has been pleased with the results the company has seen since implementing CANDDi.

CANDDi for Fin International

Fin has incorporated the CANDDi tracking code into outbound emails, to enable the identification and behaviour tracking of visitors clicking through to the website. An email sent out to its database of thousands of clients and prospects results in a click-through rate in the region of 20%.
Having identified its visitors, the Fin team runs a filter on the length of time they remain on the pages they visit to understand their areas of interest. A client or prospect remaining in one area for two or three minutes warrants a follow-up mail or phone call by Morris. The insight gained from visitor activity allows decisions to be made in the most appropriate, tailored, and personalized way to engage further with the interested party.

The Benefits

Throughout the installation process, the CANDDi team was readily available and extremely knowledgeable. Service and technical support have continued to be exemplary and, whatever the situation, a solution is always quickly and cheerfully provided. Furthermore, Morris and the wider team at Fin find ease-of-use to be second to none through the highly intuitive dashboard.

Rick Morris is delighted with the product, describing it as the perfect fit to deliver marketing campaigns for financial services companies. CANDDi arms the business with a tool that means lead generation and follow-up are approached in an intelligent and informed way.

Fin’s creative projects range greatly in value and as such require a soft and customised sell. CANDDi allows a personalized marketing strategy and a one-to-one approach to ongoing customer relationship management. Recipients are more open to the informed nature of the follow-up calls made by Fin.
The CANDDi solution is already proving its worth, instigating new business meetings as a direct result of the insight it has uncovered.

Since CANDDi is able to integrate seamlessly with other marketing tools, Fin is also considering investment in a new CRM system, acknowledging the even greater benefits that this would bring.

As a marketing consultant, Rick Morris continues to recommend CANDDi to organizations he works with. When his clients are building their websites, Morris also recommends optimizing the design for the best use of CANDDi when it is implemented.

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