About SurveyMe

Established in 2011, SurveyMe is an app-based survey tool that can be used on any mobile and tablet device to capture feedback and give rewards. Users can design their own branded surveys in multiple languages across different device types. Surveys are targeted to specific locations for a range of purposes including customer feedback, market research, lead generation and employee feedback.

SurveyMe’s client base includes football clubs, schools, retailers, hospitality and entertainment organisations, not for profit and professional services providers.

Author: Nicola Evans

Nicola Evans

Co-Founder SurveyMe

Stockport, UK


Company SurveyMe
URL www.survey-me.com
Main locations Stockport
Business sector App-based survey tool
Relationship started 2011


SurveyMe began a dialogue with CANDDi prior to launching their business. This engagement during the early stages of the company’s set up meant that founders, Nicola and Lee, could lay out what their marketing and lead generation strategy was and find a system that supported their objectives, rather than retro fit a solution to a sales and marketing process that was already set up and running.

As a software company SurveyMe has created many of its internal systems to suit their strategy for growth and so was able to incorporate CANDDi as part of that process to help identify and acquire new business and customers.

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CANDDi for SurveyMe

By working with CANDDi, SurveyMe has developed a marketing automation process that works with the current set-up of their small team but is flexible enough to grow in scope and sophistication as the start-up develops.

SurveyMe’s wide spectrum of potential clients means that the company needs visibility as to the types of businesses interested in their product. Having insight into the contact’s sector type enables the company to offer relevant information and a targeted approach to their sales and marketing effort.

SurveyMe uses CANDDi to track customers who have set up a free trial survey, to identify prospects who have visited the site but not yet set-up a trial and for lifecycle management of existing customers – identifying upsell and cross sell opportunities.

An activation alert lets the team know that a new trial has been started and the CANDDi report provides insight as to the contact’s behaviors on the SurveyMe website, information on their location and, where available, their business. Further details gathered in data collection during the free trial set-up serves to create a detailed and verified picture of the contact and their requirements. The SurveyMe team then begins a dialogue that includes free demo offers and informative emails.

CANDDi for SurveyMe

The Benefits

The CANDDi solution has brought visibility as to the make-up of individual website visitors, a comprehensive reporting function and a means of running customer outreach and engagement.

“We use CANDDi as the basis for most of our customer interaction through our website. We get valuable data that lets us formulate the best approach for the prospect – this means that we maximise our sales efforts towards the best leads. As a startup, having an affordable but highly effective way of identifying our prospects and customers to then start engaging them has been key to achieving fast conversion to sales from our client base.”

  • Nicola Evans, Co-Founder SurveyMe

As a B2B SaaS business SurveyMe recognises that a combination of CANDDi’s blog and email strategy is one of the most effective ways to drive customer awareness and interest. SurveyMe’s marketing team use CANDDi’s MailChimp integration to measure the individuals coming to their website and produce identified, qualified leads for the sales-team.

SurveyMe continues to grow and now has a client base with users in over 113 countries.

Nicola Evans, Co-Founder SurveyMe

“CANDDI gives us a global view of where our visitors are coming from and how they have found us. Tools like Google analytics are great for our marketing but they’re useless for our sales-team because they don’t give the same visibility and pinpointed accuracy.”

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