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Would these movie characters be salespeople or marketers?

Published 21 May 2019 by Chris, CANDDi
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It’s the question you never knew you needed answering: “Would my favourite movie character be in sales, or marketing?”

Well, look no further my fellow cinephiles. What follows is a list of some of the most famous movie characters of all time, complete with a rundown of exactly why they’d excel as either a salesperson, or a marketer.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you disagree with any of the choices, or even better: if you can think of any more characters you would add to the list.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Sales

“Use Salesforce, Luke”

Old Ben Kenobi is Sales to the bone; he’s that wizened old salesman in the office who’s seen it all. It doesn’t matter if the prospect is eager, angry, or dismissive - he’ll always keep his cool and pitch with the kind of calm confidence that can only be earned through years in the business. No need for Jedi mind-tricks here.

Gandalf - Marketing

“Buy…you fools!”

Let’s address the Oliphaunt in the room: marketing might as well be black magic to the rest of the company. Gandalf is that kind of mysterious marketer doing all kinds of tricksy lead generation behind the scenes; viral content, growth hacking, SEO… the only part of it the sales team truly understands is that whatever he’s doing, it’s bringing in the leads.

Bryan Mills - Sales

“What I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for prospects like you.”

Bryan Mills is that pushy salesperson that everyone hates. He’s a man on a mission and he’ll secure the sale by any means necessary. Not the right time? Budget won’t stretch? I’m afraid it doesn’t matter to this guy. He will find you, and he will close you.

Dr. Emmett Brown - Marketing

“When this baby hits an 88% CTR, you’re gonna see some serious sh*t”.

You can usually find this breed of marketer frantically poring over charts packed with more metrics and KPIs than you could fit in a Delorean. From the outside, marketers like this may look like mad scientists - but the obsession pays off when they get to deliver those beautiful upward trends to management.

Arya Stark - Sales

“What do we say to stubborn Gatekeepers? Not today.”

Some people might argue that Arya Stark isn’t technically from a movie, but I’d tell those people to show more respect to the Hero of Winterfell. Arya is that kind of salesperson who turns selling into an artform. She can slip effortlessly into different personas to match her prospect, and works through her list of targets with merciless efficiency.

Indiana Jones - Marketing

“Sales. Why’d it have to be sales?”

Indie would be that type of maverick marketer to who views lead generation like a grand adventure. No campaign is too risky, no channel too unpredictable; if it’s got a shot at working, you can bet they’ll try it. Usually found planning guerilla campaigns or writing silly blog like this one…

The Terminator - Sales

“I’ll call back”.

You only need to take one look at The Terminator’s ruthless tenacity to realize he’d be in sales. Ironically, this type of salesperson hates terminating leads. You’ll see them brush off knockback after knockback, pursuing prospects long after mere mortals would have given up. Just give him your clothes, your boots, and your credit card details.

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