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Who Are You Ignoring? Why It Is Important To Know More About Customer Segmentation.

Published 05 Jun 2014 by Alice Jones, CANDDi
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We expect stores to supply a range of different styles and sizes so why is it any different for your website. Benefits of Segmenting Your Customer Base. Here is an example. You have the sudden urge to buy shoes today...

Customer Segmentation

You drive to the local shoe shop and find they only sell one style of shoe, in one colour and not just that, it is only available in a size 4. This is great for the customers with small feet with a passion for brown brogues but everyone else will leave empty handed. We expect these stores to supply a selection of products so why is it any different for your website.

One Shop For All?


Benefits of Segmenting Your Customer Base.

1.Better Promotion

There is nothing more off putting to a customer than being sent information that is irrelevant and of no interest. A bland generalised message will normally be overlooked, yet a message that screams individuality and that appeals to the customers needs and interests will turn a head.

2.Business Growth

We segment our customer lists to increase sales. By reviewing the different types of visitors and customers on a regular basis, businesses will learn customer behaviour and recognise trends and this will result in faster marketing reactions.

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Being aware of the demands of different groups, makes it easier to match the right product with the right person. This means more focused targeted and personalised marketing where businesses have more chance to engage the customer. Not only does this increase customer satisfaction but also increase ROI.

The Good:

I thought it would be interesting to present some examples of companies that produce focused promotion and engagement through customer segmentation.

Amazon are very good at engaging with their customer base in a ‘customised’ way, sending campaigns with lists of products based on their customer’s interests and buying trends. They send me through prompts when my favourite author has just released a book, hot offers on the most popular Action Thrillers and top 10 lists of products that match my buying history.

Tag Cloud

Another good example is GNC Supplements. My brother orders from them directly and it sends prompts when the month is ending and he is due to order another month’s supply. It will also send interesting articles and case studies that involve the style of exercise he is interested in, with the recommended products to go alongside.

And if it wasn’t for Moonpig, I wouldn’t remember friend’s or family birthdays and key anniversaries!


How to Segment?


CANDDi makes it easy for you to segregate your customers into different lists and categories. You get to create different streams based on whatever data you are trying to segment (location, products, interests, language etc).




CANDDi Capture.

CANDDi Capture is a really cool feature that allows customers to set up pop up questions that appear in front of website visitors when they meet certain criteria. You can then target different questions to different types of visitors. There are four different types of question (single answer, multi-choice, small text box and large text box). Email and Name fields can also be turned on. You can build streams based on visitors answers and see their answers when viewing their profile, making it easy to take action based on a visitors information.

canddi capture

canddi capture

Email Integration.

The great thing about CANDDi integration is that you can export your lists into any existing email platform and allows you to design specific campaigns targeted at different lists.

Want to learn more about how to about how CANDDi can help you target your customer base and see results?

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