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How To Build A Likeable Brand And Increase Conversion Rates With One To One Personalisation.

Published 02 Jun 2014 by Alice Jones, CANDDi
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As data collection becomes more vast and website audiences become wider, businesses can run the risk of losing sight of who their customer is, what they want to know and making sweeping generalisations in their marketing approach to try to cover all but instead alienating everyone.

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In this day and age of social media and the ease of voicing your opinion, customers are less forgiving of cold approaches and expect the level of service they would wish to receive in the non-digital world. Now it is the customer that dictates how they want to be approached and treated and if this is not correct, they will let others know.

The answer to increasing personalisation is access to real-time data. With the use of specific analytic tools, businesses are able to easily sieve through the data and target their audience, one on one. This form of omni-channel understanding includes analysing the data and breaking it down. Three examples of how this can be then implemented into a solution includes individual interaction data, website personalisation and real-time decision technology.

‘By 2016, a huge 78% reported that they will have implemented a solution that utilises real-time data.’

####Get Ahead Of The Game Let CANDDi help you through the process to create one to one personalisation on your web platform. We look at this from three different aspects of your business: Marketing/ Advertising (Lead generation) > Sales (Conversion) > Support (Retention).

####Lead Generation (Marketing/ Advertising) Designing effective advertising campaigns both ATL and BTL can be challenging and extremely expensive when faced with an overload of data. Getting back to who you are targeting and why, is the most important factor when building a strategy. By using CANDDi tools, marketing managers can break down content and make it easier to plan best routes of attack for multi-channels. Identify where you should be advertising, understand what form creates high levels of customer interaction, even identify the niche avenues that haven’t been explored yet.

This not only makes generates high value leads but also increases a personable brand identity that customers will find easy to relate to. Bonuses include an easier way to explain ROI and a clear focus for next quarter’s budgets review.

####Conversion (Sales) The one to one personal approach spills into the sales teams calls. Most of us have experienced that cold call on a Tuesday evening, where the caller starts by asking for the homeowner and proceeds to try to sell double glazing for your rented accommodation. It doesnt matter how good the deal is if the customer you are speaking to doesn’t have a need for it. CANDDi allows businesses to delve into the customer history, what have they looked at or purchased previously, have they checked out the latest finance deals. All these details can clearly be streamed and fed to the sales team who can warm up the call.

“Hello Mr Smith, you recently downloaded the brochure on our latest product, just to let you know we have currently have a great deal of 20% off that model and limited stock.”

Here are a few other ways businesses have increased their conversion.

####Retention (Support) Service shouldn’t stop after the money has been taken, it actually matters more that businesses retain their customers and ensure their return. The one to one approach becomes easier to manage once the customer is on board as the relationship has been made and this is why it is so important to nurture. Customers that are supported remain loyal and motivated to resist competition. Studies have revealed that the cost of keeping an existing customer is less that 10% of the cost of finding new ones. Some tips on retention with a personal approach

Recommend reading this piece on the future of real-time data by Silicon Angle

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