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The CANDDi story

Tim Langley, CEO

Tim Langley, CEO

I created CANDDi 12 years ago with a simple objective: bring a more human approach to the world of website analytics.

Since then, we’ve developed our software to connect you with the individuals on your website, not just the companies who visit.

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What makes CANDDi different?

We speak to a lot of businesses who have tried visitor tracking tools in the past, but just haven’t gotten any value from it.

And the reason for this?

Getting vague information about your website visitors can often lead you down dead ends, leaving you worse off than when you started!

Watch as Chris explains how CANDDi goes one step further than these tools to deliver real insight to your business.

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Document 360

“As is the case when any new software is implemented in a business, there was an element of risk involved. However, it was immediately clear we had gained a new key performer for our business”.

- Saravana Kumar, Founder and CEO, Document 360
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Turn website traffic into leads

On average, only 2% of website visitors enquire. CANDDi shines a light on the other 98%, plugging into your marketing efforts to provide the most advanced visitor tracking solution on the market.

What does that mean for you? Warm, automatically qualified leads directly into your sales team’s inbox.

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Track individuals, not just companies

Knowing which company a visitor works for is great. Knowing who they are is even better.

This is where the true power of our Visitor-Level Tracking lies: in allowing you to get in touch personally with the prospects on your website, with a pitch that’s specifically tailored to their interests.

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Never miss an opportunity

CANDDi operates in real time, and combines IP tracking with cookie tracking to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity.

Whether your prospects are browsing from their office or home, you’ll get alerted the second important activity happens on your website.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

We believe in making your current sales and marketing better with no difficult adjustment period.

That’s why we plug into your existing marketing efforts to identify visitors, and drive CANDDi’s rich, actionable information right inside your CRM.

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Ready to get started?

What happens next?

  1. Either book a demo, or register for a free trial
  2. After you sign up, install our tracking code on your website
  3. Work with our success team to configure CANDDi for your needs
  4. Enjoy full access to everything CANDDi has to offer
  5. At the end of your month trial, assess its value and make a decision!