Case Study: Angela Delaney Marketing Manager, World Options

“CANDDI provides us invaluable insight - it has helped the sales, marketing and I.T development function within our business for several years. It’s a superbly intelligent tool!”

Company background

World Options is online shipping software and courier technology provider for businesses.

The company provides businesses access to a simple online shipping portal. The World Options online portal allows businesses to view shipping rates from multiple world-leading couriers, and book shipments to virtually any destination in the world through the online shipping portal.

“You cannot run a business without information. CANDDI provides us with information and insight that we need - that’s why we’ve been using it for several years on multiple websites.”

The Issue/Challenge Faced

Due to rapid growth and an increased customer base across the UK, the company wanted improved visibility of web visitors. They also wanted visibility of customers who use the online shipping tool.
The hope was that this data could help improve I.T development and provide the sales and marketing function web lead insight.

“Gaining real-time visibility of both the users of our systems and our web visitors has been extremely useful.”

The Benefits

“For an online shipping technology provider, the ability to have insight and understand user behaviour and interaction with the technology is crucial to help improve technology products, user experience, and services.”

“Knowing how many times a customer has returned to the website or logged into the World Options technology is invaluable data that helps plan future developments.”

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