Case Study: David Mannheim, CO Consultant / Owner at User Conversion

“As a B2B business I need to identify the people who are interested in my services. CANDDi has been a lifesaver in this respect. I can now attribute around 20% of new business to the software.”

Company background

As a qualified User Experience (UX) consultant focusing on strategy and conversion rate optimization across e-commerce platforms, David works with clients to improve their website designs and increase online profits and return on investment.
With an established portfolio and experience of working with both brands and digital agencies, David holds a number of accreditations in digital advertising. During his career he has worked with a number of high profile clients spanning across a variety of vertical markets.

The Issue/Challenge Faced

David had previously used a number of visitor tracking services but was looking for a solution that would provide a better insight into how visitors were interacting with his own site.

As an independent consultant it was important for David to be able to identify the people who were interested in his services so he could develop a more accurate understanding of his target audience.
It was also important for David to be able to integrate the solution with his existing set-ups. In particular, he was seeking integration with his Gmail account so he could track the progress of email pitches and approaches to potential clients.

CANDDi for Conversion Optimization Consultant

By working with CANDDi, David has been able to tailor sections of his website to meet the interests and needs of potential clients.

For example, as a consultant David found large sections of his target audience were interested in his personal profile, and was thus able to improve these pages on his website in order to provide a better insight into his previous work and expertise.
Using CANDDi, David was also able to identify who was landing on his website and analyze the amount of time they were spending in each section. By doing this he could see that certain users required more information on the role of UX itself.

This insight led to David developing a specific section detailing the different services and options covered by UX – a section that in turn has significantly increased the amount of time prospects are spending on his site researching his services.

The Benefits

David says…
“It has also given me the knowledge of what people are doing on my site and how I can tailor that content. I can segment the data I get by region, company and other demographics. My industry is all about insight and that is what it has given me. I’m constantly improving my own site and practicing what I preach!”

The ability to identify prospective clients is essential to David’s B2B business as he is often looking to approach and engage with specific decision makers within companies and agencies.

CANDDi’s ability to identify the users visiting his site has meant that David is able to be very specific when it comes to approaching the right people at the right time. The ability to use CANDDi alongside Gmail has enabled David to track a prospective client’s interaction with his business from an initial pitch through to all of the subsequent visits to his website.

CANDDi has also seen David develop and adapt his website content to meet the queries and needs of his perspective clients.

David continues to advise brands and digital agencies on UX and Conversion Rate Optimization in the Liverpool and Manchester area, as well as further afield, and has seen a rapid growth of his expanding portfolio.

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