Case Study: Geoff Shalders MD of Brodex

“Since we have formalized our content marketing strategy CANDDi is proving a useful tool. We can determine at a glance which company and which person is interested in our services and put in place the correct resource to deal with the prospect in an appropriate way.”

Company background

Brodex is a leading water treatment and hygiene company in the UK. Established in 1998 and based in the North West of England, its services include water testing, hygiene and maintenance as well as legionella risk assessment and control. This involves providing an extensive range of services to a wide variety of sectors, including private and social landlords, schools, colleges, universities hospitals and industrial premises.
Over recent years the company has expanded its operations with the development of offices in the Midlands and the South East. The company also acquired Bayly Environmental Services in September 2015, a move that increased its footprint in the London and South East. With a large number of qualified water treatment engineers and numerous industry accreditations, it is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and most cost-effective water treatment services on the market.

The Issue/Challenge Faced

Following a recommendation, Brodex implemented the CANDDi solution toward the end of 2014 at the same time the business was running a pay-per-click Google AdWords campaign. As a business providing a wide range of services in a competitive environment, Brodex were looking to gain intelligence about which sectors visiting prospects belonged to and which products they were most interested in.

CANDDi was initially used to track who was visiting the website in response to the online advertisements. However, since then Brodex has launched a revised website and has put in place a focused content marketing campaign. It issues a regular schedule of newsletters and eshots, as well as producing blogs and running an active social media program.

CANDDi for Brodex

Brodex uses CANDDi Capture forms which have improved the levels of prospect engagement. The pop-up CANDDi capture box has encouraged more customers to ask questions about Brodex’s services which include Legionella risk assessment and control, water testing and water chlorination. Marketing staff at Brodex receive these questions via email and are able to respond quickly and in an appropriate fashion. In the long-term this means that Brodex will be able to monitor frequently asked questions and map trends for future developments of the website.
Brodex will be able to monitor frequently asked questions and map trends for future developments of the website.

Brodex is changing the way it views its online presence. When the content marketing campaign takes full effect, in conjunction with CANDDi, the website will become a successful sales tool, rather than just an online brochure.

The Benefits

The CANDDi solution allows tracking of the identified visitors to the site including number of visits, length of time spent and crucially, which sector-specific content they are reading. The Brodex sales team monitors the prospects that have been identified by CANDDi and makes decisions on the best follow-up approach.

Since Brodex works in a number of market sectors across the UK, the intelligence that CANDDi provides will give the team the information they need to make a sector-specific approach to the customer. For example, by identifying a visiting prospect as a nursing home manager, the sales team can tailor their approach to cover services typically required in the residential care industry, such as Legionella testing or Thermostatic Mixing Value (TMV) servicing.

This insight also allows them to focus their content more specifically to areas where it has the greatest customer appeal and to prepare more effectively for sales follow up. Ultimately, the company will be provided with a stream of qualified leads which will help Brodex to realize a return on investment on their new website and their content marketing as well as maximizing the effectiveness of their sales teams.

In the near future, Brodex is looking to expand its operations further and intends to make use of more of the CANDDi features. Brodex has begun to integrate CANDDi with MailChimp to improve prospect identification from company eshots, and the content marketing drive will improve the website’s Google ranking. This will generate increased traffic from which CANDDi can reap further intelligence and deliver more results.

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