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Established in 2010, SME Needs helps small businesses to measure, understand and improve their marketing performance. Working directly with managing directors of small businesses, the company uses its full range of marketing services, both online and offline, to get more from their marketing resources to achieve the growth they seek. SME Needs is based in Croydon, Surrey, and works with owner managed businesses across London and the South East.

Author: Nigel Davey

Nigel Davey

Managing Director at SME Needs

Croydon, Greater London, UK


Company SME Needs
URL www.smeneeds.co.uk
Main locations Croydon, Greater London, UK
Business sector Marketing Services
Relationship started January 2014


SME Needs required a marketing automation platform to track visitor activity on its website and to improve its outbound email communications. They needed an affordable solution that would help to generate new business leads, and could be quickly deployed on its client marketing campaigns.

The company had trialled a number of different marketing automation platforms before opting for CANDDi in 2014. Nigel Davey, managing director at SME Needs, explained: “We wanted a platform that was flexible and delivered real value for money, for us and our clients. The fact that we weren’t tied into a long contract is a big benefit for small businesses like ourselves, and the fact that there’s no lock-in is a key market differentiator for CANDDi.”

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CANDDi for SME Needs

SME Needs uses CANDDi for its own digital marketing purposes as well as recommending it to clients as part of its services.

Nigel said: “We use CANDDi on a daily basis and it has quickly become an important part of our lead generation activity. We keep an eye on traffic to our website and on how users were interacting with it. This helps us to qualify and approach new business leads.”

SME Needs also uses CANDDi to generate insight into how its outbound email campaigns are performing. By integrating the CANDDi tracking code into emails it sends to new business prospects, they are able to identify visitors clicking on the email links which go through to the SME Needs site.

Almost a third of SME Needs’ clients are now utilising CANDDi to deliver insight into the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. The majority are using CANDDi to track website visitors and to improve their email marketing.

SME Needs runs at least one outbound email campaign a week and CANDDi is used to generate insight into which people are opening and interacting with email content and clicking on links back to client websites.

Nigel commented: “For our clients, the benefit of using CANDDi is that it can be quickly and easily deployed, depending on the individual requirements of each client marketing campaign. For example, one of our clients uses email tracking intensively to inform its new business activity. Another client, an IT company, has had great success with the CANDDi Capture form on its website.”

CANDDi for SME Needs

The Benefits

CANDDi provides SME Needs and its clients with a wealth of information and insight into how prospects are interacting with them. This enables a more intelligent, targeted approach to digital marketing and facilitates stronger relationships with prospects, resulting in significantly more sales and new business.

“CANDDi has been major factor in helping us to attract new clients and that’s why we actively recommend deployment of the platform in the sales and marketing campaigns we run on behalf of our SME clients,” Nigel said. “The joy of using CANDDi is that it can be easily rolled out and utilised as much or as little as is required. Small businesses need flexible, agile solutions like this because we are often short on time and resources. Solutions like CANDDi enable us to compete with the big boys.”

SME Needs’ clients have experienced results which have directly led to sales. One client secured a £100k new business deal from the CANDDi Capture tool on its website. Another client – an e-commerce company - has dramatically improved its close rate on products through improved outbound email campaigns.

Nigel concluded: “CANDDi delivers results and at the end of the day that’s what’s most important to small businesses as we compete in increasingly competitive markets.”

Nigel Davey, Managing Director at SME Needs

“CANDDi has been major factor in helping us to attract new clients and that’s why we actively recommend deployment of the platform in the sales and marketing campaigns we run on behalf of our SME clients.”

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