Get GDPR Ready with CANDDi

The GDPR module has been designed from the ground up to support Data Controllers with their obligations under GDPR

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GDPR Compliance

Easy integration with your existing CRM, website and marketing tools
means you can be up and running fast without changing anything you already use.

How CANDDi can help you and your business with GDPR

The right(s) to access, data portability and rectification

Use the GDPR module to search for any individuals matching: Email Address / Domain Name / First or Surname / IP Address

The right(s) to erasure and to restrict processing

Individuals have a right to request data erasure, and that any further data should not be captured / processed. The blocked data screen provides the ability to block either by email or by IP address. Once the data has been blocked then all matching data will be securely erased from the platform (note this is an irreversible operation) and no further data will be stored / processed. Should an individual re-consent to processing taking place then the block can be lifted.

Fully Audited

Every action taken within the GDPR module is fully audited. Which authorized user searched for individuals, exported any individual data, blocked (or unblocked).

GDPR Data Retention Settings

GDPR is explicit that organisations should not keep personal information for longer than is necessary. Indiviudal organisations will have different definitions of this and the module allows customization regarding tracking and storing of IP addresses, Cookies, and the total duration of any data within the CANDDi platform.

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GDPR Compliance