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The 13 Best Lead Prospecting Tools of 2023

Published 07 Dec 2023 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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Did you know that eight out of ten leads for most businesses never turn into a sale? So imagine how you could transform your business overnight if you could figure out a way to improve those odds.

That's pretty much what these thirteen tools have tried to do. In this article, we'll feature the best 13 lead prospecting tools and what they offer to businesses looking to achieve more with their sales efforts.

Read on to discover which software is right for your business and how a high-performing tool can positively impact your sales funnel.

The 13 Best Lead Prospecting Tools of 2023

1. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot is a leader in customer service, sales, and marketing software. And their extensive suite of tools extends to lead prospecting, too. Their platforms have one thing in common.

They focus on the inbound side of marketing. Their priority is finding ways potential customers can discover a business. And from there, directing that prospect toward a business’s sales funnel.

It’s the Hubspot Sales Hub that’s most relevant to lead prospecting. It’s a comprehensive list of functionality. That includes a dashboard to track deals and meetings. You can also monitor your sales pipeline in one place.

Email tracking is also in the system; you can set up notifications. Hubspot has advanced automation. That sales and marketing teams can streamline many of their in-house lead-prospecting tasks.

Plus, reporting tools enable these teams to focus on the team and business performing in lead generation.

It also offers a handy integration with their other hub tools, like their CRM.

2. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce is best known for its CRM. But their extensive suite of tools also includes a platform focused on lead generation and opportunities management. That’s the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

This tool provides sales teams with comprehensive insights about their current sales process. They can view current leads for the business.

The system will also monitor scores for each prospect, which is a helpful way of prioritizing new leads.

It will also track how each customer progresses through the funnel, helping teams focus on customers needing extra sales support to make a final purchasing decision.

As a tool, this gives a sales or management team a snapshot of their current prospecting performance at any given moment. The analytics suite also provides trends and future projections, so it’s valuable to senior managers, too.

It also offers sophisticated automation and workflow management, reducing the administrative burden on sales teams and helping them stay productive.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn may be best known as a social media platform. But it also has its software for tracking business leads.

That’s called the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It’s a valuable way for sales executives to manage their network of prospects on the LinkedIn platform. The navigator will provide recommendations for your lead management.

These recommendations are based on user behavior on LinkedIn. So, it’s an excellent way for a business to make connections with the right people the first time instead of researching for the best contact.

There is also a built-in messaging facility so sales teams can take the next step and message a lead. The tool will track the leads that you build up on the platform. So, if someone moves jobs, you’ll get a notification.

That saves hours trying to pitch to the wrong person.

The tool also offers integrations with third-party CRM systems, allowing a more streamlined link between your lead prospecting and customer management processes.

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo’s lead generation tool targets the B2B market. It offers businesses a place to store all company and contact information for potential and current customer leads.

With this platform, you can access a database of millions of companies and use that to target new leads. They pride themselves on having an extensive and accurate database of the best business contact points worldwide.

The tool will have up-to-date information if someone moves jobs, for example. That saves your team time on research, emails, and phone calls.

ZoomInfo has advanced search facilities to help you narrow your targets and also has valuable business intelligence. For example, that includes naming the businesses searching for products similar to what you sell.

So, it’s a more precise way of targeting warm leads for your business. As with other sales tools, this one offers a range of integrations, helping you link it to your CRM.

5. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a business intelligence tool used by the sales and marketing community. Like other software on this list, it has a comprehensive company database of B2B contacts.

The tool’s developers go to great lengths to verify the data to ensure high accuracy. That means you can access helpful information such as current organizational charts.

This tool is helpful for the sales team to generate new prospects for their business. And due to DiscoverOrg’s advanced search capabilities, it’s possible to target the leads with the most potential for generating sales.

The tool also offers intent data. That tells the user which companies have a high level of intent - in other words, they have shown a strong interest in buying that product or service.

DiscoverOrg also has a list of prebuilt integrations with third-party tools like leading CRMs.

6. Visitor Track

VisitorTrack from netFactor is a helpful way of spotting potential B2B leads that arrive on your website.

They specialize in tracking website visitors. They offer business intelligence about the companies that have recently browsed your website. You can get data like company size, location, and industry.

In some cases, you can also obtain contact details for key decision makers, helping your business take the next step and reach out to that business with a cold call.

The visitor metrics will also tell you about the path those who browse your website take. So you can find out who visited critical areas of your website, like product demo pages.

This insight into visitor intent is also helpful in improving your website to fine-tune your online sales funnel. Visitor Track also integrates with third-party platforms.

7. Outreach

Outreach helps sales teams interact better with their prospects. It offers a streamlined way of managing communications with your leads, automating some of the admin tasks often faced by sales executives.

Many users also find the interface easy to understand. It means that even as your team grows, you have a consistent and standardized way of talking to prospects and securing a sale.

You’ll get sequence automation AI capability, giving your team custom approaches for emails, phone calls, and even contact via social media. The latter is a valuable way to protect your brand image.

You’ll also get analytics tools to help oversee which sales approach performs best, allowing you to optimize your techniques to boost conversion rates.

The tool integrates with many CRMs, meaning you can move prospects across to other business platforms once they sign with you.

8. Pipedrive

Another user-friendly tool comes from Pipedrive, which offers a CRM with lead prospecting capabilities.

Its workflow helps sales teams follow a step-by-step process, from getting a new prospect to closing a deal. So, it helps keep your team productive and reduces training requirements for new sales recruits.

The pipeline is a visual representation of your business’s sales activity, a valuable feature to temas on the ground and high-level managers.

The tool also includes communication tracking and scheduling features to record conversations or book meetings with prospects.

Pipedrive also offers advanced reporting, helping your sales team produce weekly or monthly snapshots for the business.

It also has other valuable features like integration with various systems, including email and marketing tools, that you may use in your industry.

9. Marketo Engage

Marketo Engage is part of the Adobe platform and integrates with the other Adobe platforms. It’s a marketing automation tool. It has features that allow you to manage new leads for your business.

Like other Adobe tools, it’s scalable and suitable for huge companies. It helps users create personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns, allowing you to generate more targeting sales approaches for your new leads.

It also has lead scoring functionality to prioritize the prospects most likely to turn into recent sales or those most valuable to the business.

Analytics are central to this platform and provide detailed insight into any part of the sale funnel and the performance of individual sales and marketing campaigns.

Overall, it’s a valuable way of seeing whether your lead prospecting is bringing results and what you need to do to improve.

10. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a flexible platform for managing existing customers and prospects. It’s favored by small companies and is seen as an affordable option that offers plenty of features.

Inside the tool, you can benefit from sales automation, which streamlines your sales process - from obtaining a new lead to closing a deal. You can track the progress of each customer wherever they sit in your workflow.

The tool also offers AI capability in the form of an assistant who can provide predictive analytics.

So, it will help your business spot trends and potential bottlenecks in your sales process. Together, that gives you a more robust tool for decision-making within your sales team.

The software is easy to customize with workflows that fit your business and offers integrations to other third-party tools.

11. LeadSquared

LeadSquared offers CRM and marketing capabilities inside one platform. It can help you speed up your sales process and improve your lead conversion rate. It’s useful for those with short sales cycles, like financial institutions.

In the platform, you can capture leads and track them through the process. It provides insight into lead generation from various channels, including your website and social media.

The workflows inside the system mean you can automate parts of your sales efforts. And you can also get a high-level overview of those efforts via the reporting capability.

It helps you monitor your sales pipeline and track and schedule sales activities like prospect meetings. It also has many third-party integrations, making it a more comprehensive system for your sales and marketing team.

12. Dynamic 365 Sales

Dynamic 365 is a CRM solution from Microsoft that is part of their broader suite of business applications. It helps your team with sales prospecting.

Like other Microsoft tools, it is flexible and robust enough to support businesses of all sizes. It is also helpful for those businesses already using many of Microsoft’s other 365 products.

Dynamic 365 provides an overview of all interactions you have with customers and leads.

It also uses AI technology to predict sales activity. That AI functionality can also assist you with personalized recommendations for your sales team to aid your business growth.

The tool helps the sales team automate sales performance by tracking progress and running reports, helping your team be more productive. It also integrates with platforms outside of Microsoft, helping you build a more customized setup.

13. CANDDi

CANDDi turns your website into an advanced analytics platform, which makes it ideal for converting visitors into new customers. The website visitor tracking gives you insights that are uniquely valuable to your sales team.

It will give you a detailed overview of the prospects who have browsed your website, including information vital to your sales team, like contact names, roles, and locations.

Using cookies, you’ll also get valuable insights into who has recently returned to your website. So, you can sort the cold leads from the warm ones and use that to prioritize your sales team’s efforts.

The data is also helpful to your marketing team for future campaigns. For example, it will tell you the referer for each warm lead. So, you’ll know the online platforms bringing you the best prospects.

The tool also offers many vital integrations, including connections to your CRM and CMS.

Lead Prospecting Tools to Transform Your Sales Efforts

Business can sometimes feel complex. But something easy to grasp is that your business growth is directly related to your sales performance. That’s why your choice of lead prospecting tools is crucial.

At CANDDi, we have advanced ways of helping you track leads to your most significant sales asset - your website. Get a free trial to experience the tool first-hand and how it can boost your sales efforts.

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