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Machine Learning and Analytics at HPE

Published 14 Mar 2016 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise has rolled out a new version of its search and analytics platform for enterprise. The latest update has an increased focus on cloud-based machine learning and unstructured data and helps to speed up the development of both mobile applications and enterprise applications.

Machine Learning and Analytics at HPE

The new release of the IDOL analytics platform can be used for a range of purposes, including trend analysis and even to help automate video surveillance. It offers a combination of visualisation tools and context-based analytics and is designed to be self-service and as easy to use as possible for those who are not experienced in the world of analytics. It is delivered via Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

Haven and IDOL

HPE first launched Haven in December 2014 in beta form, and over the last few months the service has grown to attract more than 12,750 developers, who collectively generate millions of API calls each week.

The service is now available on the public cloud, and it can be used for free for development and testing, with various premium service level agreement prices being offered for those who want to use the service in a production environment on a larger scale.

The services include format conversion, face detection, image recognition and text analysis, as well as knowledge graph analysis, a speech recognition feature and more. IDOL’s upgraded analytics platform offers even more sophisticated features, including relationship mapping, which can help to work out the relationship between places, people and companies. There is a rich media analytics feature, speaker identification capability and text-to-speech function.

Freedom from Traditional Databases

Many of these will be overkill for the average webmaster or store owner, but for those that deal with multi-channel marketing and retail and that want to understand who their customers are, where they come from and how they interact, it is an amazing feature. You can use these tools to analyse information in a human way that was never considered possible with traditional databases. IDOL allows for the ability to understand unstructured data reliably and get true insights from your data.

With these big data tools, you can automate your analytics and get more data out of unstructured stores without having to worry about the format of the data or spend time on error-prone data entry and conversion. The information is right there in the format you need it at the moment you need it.


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