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Google Unveils New Analytics 360 Suite

Published 17 Mar 2016 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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Google has just unveiled a new Analytics 360 Suite which is aimed at enterprise-level users and features six products which can be integrated with DoubleClick and AdWords. They can be used both on their own and as a combined toolkit. They include a landing page testing tool, a new DMP and more.

Google Unveils New Analytics 360 Suite

The new suite aims to simplify the job of unifying marketing and advertising information and syndicating it across multiple channels. Google is not the only company working on this - Oracle, Facebook and Adobe have all taken on the challenge - but Analytics 360 is uniquely positioned in that it offers native integration with both AdWords and DoubleClick.

What’s New?

The Google Audience 360 data management platform is now in beta. Early reports about this platform were calling it the DoubleClick Audience Center. This new platform is a big addition, because it was one of the last things that had been missing from the company’s portfolio.

It ties in with AdWords and DoubleClick, and it can integrate with other DSPs so it is easy for marketers to create an audience segment in the DMP and then target it across multiple ad exchanges. One of the primary uses for this is to help advertisers with universal impression cap features, so they can avoid a scenario where they end up showing the same ad too many times with re-marketing across more than one exchange.

On-Site Testing

The new on-site testing tool (also in beta) is a welcome surprise. Search advertisers can use it to run A/B landing page tests, and it can integrate with home-grown testing tools, fitting in with the company’s workflow and allowing them to test offers, funnels and layouts against different audience segments.

Analytics and Visualisation

Google Data Studio 360 is built in to the Google Docs framework and allows users to collaborate on reports and dashboards in real time. It allows developers and marketing experts to share information and collaborate easily.

Other new features include the Google Tag Manager 360, a standalone product which is an extension of the current tag manager, as well as a new attribution product and an enterprise-level analytics suite which will build on the features of the current version of Google Analytics Premium.

The suite is open to third parties and can be purchased as a whole suite or with a la carte pricing, making it flexible for a range of business sizes and types.


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