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Welcome those phantom visitors and banish those ghouls

Published 29 Oct 2015 by Tim Langley, CANDDi
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As the spookiest night of year approaches once again, the time has come to dust the cobwebs off your website, scare off those ghouls that spoil your party and welcome into your home those phantom visitors than drift across your site and leave without trace.

Ghosts that will scare your socks off

Pumpkin pimpin’ your site

Take a look at your site. Is it truly sending out a signal that you are open for business? Like the house without the candle-lit pumpkin in the window, if you don’t make yourself look welcoming, no-one is going to knock on your door.

Have you delved into the dark arts of SEO (Sorcery Ectoplasm for Ogres) and optimised every page with the right titles and meta-descriptions? Is your PR (Poltergeist Relations) generating links to the other side that drive up your rankings? Do you throw open the windows after the dark night has passed and herald in new and refreshing content? For trick or treaters on a busy schedule, is it quick for them to make an enquiry using a capture form?

Banish the ghouls of cold calling and call in the Spambusters

Now it’s time to exorcize those ancient ghouls like unqualified, cold calling that just stir up the devil in your target prospects and drive them to put a curse on your company for all eternity. Temptation is all around and ‘tis the Devil’s work. He would have you fall for the sweet taste of non-opted in mailing lists. Don’t fall for this Old Testament trick and either build your own lists or only buy from accredited suppliers of data. When the Data Protection Judgement Day comes along, who you gonna call? Spambusters?

Open the door to friendly ghosts

There are benign spirits about this hallowed night. They bring the prospect of new business and endless growth but you can’t see them. You don’t know where they come from or their interest in your business.

Without knowing who your phantom visitors are, where they came from and what they want, these mysterious individuals simply glide like ghosts across your site and fail to leave a single trace behind. Being unaware of their presence, you have unwittingly allowed a stream of would-be prospects to slip right through your fingers.

Reaching out to the other side

Thanks to CANDDi help is available to bring these phantom friends to life. All the prospects really needed was a hand to guide them further along their conversion journey. A touch of CANDDi code reaches out to visitors, brings in their data and breathes new life to your website tracking. Before you know it your leads are mounting nicely.

Having CANDDi in place means that every time they visit, and with every move they make, their form takes further shape. Embodied and identified, their motives can be gleaned and the time is ripe to make a move towards closing the sale.

Trick or treat? Don’t forget the CANDDi

Ask yourself whether you’re missing a trick in neglecting to harness your website’s potential. The insight it can bring is a real treat for your business outcome. So this Halloween and forever more make sure you have some CANDDi to hand!


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