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NEW CANDDi FEATURE, Automatic Assignment Of Contacts

Published 23 Jun 2014 by Alice Jones, CANDDi
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CANDDi are striving to make it easier for our customers to run CANDDi alongside their email marketing. We have now created a feature that will allow CANDDi customers to get the most our of their campaigns.


Our aim was to ensure smooth running between email platforms and CANDDi. We have now made it easier for everyone using CANDDi to keep track of email results.

The idea is that you can now tag your emails with an individual ID and when that user clicks through to your website, they are automatically assigned to the person who sent the email.

Sales Managers, this means it saves time shifting through customer data and manually assigning leads individually.

CANDDi has been working closely with other email platforms to ensure that our customer can use these products simultaneously and almost have CANDDi running in the background.

These alerts feed straight back into your inbox. You will get sent the full customer profile with their contact details and customer history. This means you won’t have to open CANDDi to access this information.

This of course can be monitored in your nightly summaries sent at the end of every day as well, making reporting easy for you and your teams.

And Marketing, we haven’t left you out! This tool can be used across targetted marketing campaigns. You are able to automatically assign visitors to your site based on values in your links. This includes social media; all visitors clicking through from Twitter and Facebook can be assigned to different users.

Just say you were running several competitions being handled by different account managers, then CANDDi will filter these click-throughs and assign to the relevant person.

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