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Two website visitor tracking tools. But only one can drill down into the individuals landing on your site. CANDDi.

With our innovative identification methods, CANDDi provides you with the right data you need to contact the right person at the right time.

Even if the timing isn’t right right now, with CANDDi, you’ll know when it is. Unlike Lead Forensics, we use clever little first-party cookies that are able to identify individuals across multiple pieces of hardware. Whether your visitors are visiting from home, the office or away on holiday, rest assured that CANDDi has you covered.

You won’t get locked into a contract either. At CANDDi, we’re not about hidden costs or fees, what you see is what you get. Our pricing is flexible and transparent, with a 30-day free trial that offers you full feature access so you can really make up your mind.

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Document 360

“We experimented with other visitor tracking tools like Leadfeeder and Whoisvisiting, but CANDDi gave us true visibility over our online visitors for the first time.”

- Saravana Kumar, CEO, Document 360
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