What Type of CANDDi user are you?

What type of Canddi
user are you?

We've all heard the saying "You are what you eat." Well, in the world of technology that saying could just as easily be "You are what tech you use”. With this in mind, we started thinking about the many different types of CANDDI users out there. All kinds of organizations use the platform for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you are a Capture Convert who loves the insight you get from the CANDDi Capture tool? Or maybe you’re a Power User who wants to get every last drop of data to boost your sales and marketing cycle?

Power User

Below, we’ve highlighted the ten most common types of users we encounter – can you spot which one you are?

1. Capture converts

Probably new starters on CANDDi. They are getting so much more engagement with the home page enquiry form that they haven’t got round to exploring the full capabilities of the software. You can’t blame them though. It’s such a simple addition that can increase enquiries by 180%. It’s tempting to sit back and think; that’s CANDDi sorted; next!

2. Supportives

Similar to the Capture converts. They only use CANDDi Capture but see it as a convenient support call logging tool. Still a great benefit but this is like buying a sports car and only using it to go to the shops.

3. The Stream Team

More savvy users who have set up streams so that they can segment their audience and track the success of different campaigns. They may not yet have embraced CRM integration so things could still be more joined up.

4. Content Junkies

These are usually the marketing people rather than sales guys and they just want to use CANDDi to track which content is being viewed or downloaded so that they can refine campaigns for the future. Again really useful insights but CANDDi is about converting marketing efforts into sales. Come on guys, you're better than this!

5. First daters

Sales people with a cold calling background tend to fall into this trap. As soon as they see someone come up on CANDDi they pick up the phone and, more often than not, scare off the visitor. A bit like the weirdo who proposes marriage on the first date! Don’t be weird. These people don’t even know you yet! They need nurturing first.

6. Voyeurs

The opposite end of the spectrum from First Daters. These are the people that see a visitor come back time and time again, stay on the site for 30 mins and download lots of content but nobody even says “hello” or “welcome back.” We're not saying you should drive round to their office with an order form. Just let them know you would like to get to know what their needs are.

7. Emailers

CANDDi is a great tool for tracking emails and building or refining your CRM. True emailers never forget to put the CANDDi code into their emails be it an e-shot or an intro email. Again this is awesome but if this is all you use CANDDi for then there is scope for development.

8. Install and forget

Oh dear. The most difficult users to understand. They buy the software and think it will magically bring in business but they don’t create the content or use the tracking code in their emails and do very little to give the software a chance to deliver. These guys need to call us or talk to another user who is enjoying double digit growth thanks to the intelligence that CANDDi gives.

9. Power users

Ah the power user. They get it. They make use of all the tools and functionality. They integrate with their CRM and email system and they devote the resources to drive campaigns that CANDDi can then track. They focus on building long term relationships by thanking visitors for dropping by but not immediately going in for the hard sell, because they know the history and position of the prospect intimately. They understand the value of lead scoring and lead grading so that they know what an ideal customer looks like and they know the behaviour changes to spot the indicate it’s time to make that call.

10. Evangelists

Love these guys - although their enthusiasm can sometimes be a bit scary. They have built their entire sales and marketing model around CANDDi and have measured the actual business won as a result of CANDDi. They just can’t stop telling anyone that will listen about CANDDi. Thanks guys but does your mom really need to know this stuff?

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CANDDi delivers for everyone

We realiZe that not everyone fits into these ten categories. The world is far too diverse for that. Different businesses have different needs. The joy of CANDDi, however, is that it is a tailored product designed to be easy to use for people at all levels of your organization. The platform can deliver a wide range of benefits but this directly depends on how much or how little you use it.

Some of our clients could be using CANDDi better, others simply aren’t aware of the potential things they could be doing with the software. If this is you there’s no need to panic. Just drop us a line and we can help you to clarify your objectives and ensure that CANDDi is delivering real benefits for your business.

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