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If what Neil is saying is true, I’m not really sure what our CEO Tim was thinking when he hired us lot… I’m joking!

Although I don’t think you necessarily need to hire ‘smart’ people. Sure, it helps, but it all depends on what you consider to be smart.

If you’re book smart but lazy, is that really smart? I can guarantee you’ll need to manage those types of employees a lot more than someone who maybe doesn’t have the credentials, but is hard-working and creative.

I think if you’re hiring people simply off the back of their CV and what is or isn’t accepted as ‘smart’, then you’re never going to find the right team.

A successful hire is someone who gels with existing practices, puts effort into everything they do and is always willing to put forward an idea or suggestion.

Also, if you’re looking to be a manager without ever actually managing anything, you might need to re-think that one….

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