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Customer retention

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Navigating B2B sales in times of uncertainty has been a struggle for most of us. Where do you draw the line?

But sometimes, it seems the best thing to do is to not sell at all.

This might seem like a contradiction in terms, but think about it from your customers point of view. Just like you, they have a million and one things to juggle right now. So the last thing they need is an influx of sales pitches detracting them from more important things at hand.

Instead, stay relevant by offering a helping hand. This could be anything from reaching out to show your support, or just offering light-hearted relief through some fun content. It’s all about being the right distraction.

Then when it’s all over, who will they remember? The guys that rammed products and services down their throat? Or the ones that made them smile?

The choice is yours.

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