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B2B sales

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Since when did CANDDi get into the DIY business you might be wondering? No, we’re not putting up new shelves, we’re just here to explain that your customers have certain expectations.

That’s why you need to sell results, not your product.

Let’s break it down. Your product/ service is the drill, and the results it brings is the hole. You buy a drill with the intent of making a bunch of holes.

Your customers want the hole at the end of the day. They want to see success. They don’t really care how nice your website is, how friendly your teams are or what latest features you’ve implemented, as long as it makes them that hole.

So when it comes to sales, don’t focus too heavy on your actual product and business. It might sound daft, but to see better conversion, your prospects will respond better to marketing that demonstrates a resolution to their problems.

Go and make those holes!

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