CANDDi IP Lookup

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, CANDDi is able to identify which company an anonymous website visitor is from.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

How CANDDi IP Lookup can help you and your team

World Best IP Lookup

With our world-beating machine learning algorithm, CANDDi can associate between 8% and 30% of your website visitors to a specific company name. This is not limited to geographical location as we work globally and are able to identify people from New York to Manchester to the middle of the Australian outback.

Contact Information

CANDDi will give you the email addresses, phone numbers, and address for the key contacts as well as quick links to social media pages. With this information, it is both easy and quick for your sales team to pick up the phone and contact the prospect visiting your site.

Firmographic Data / Enhancing the company data

As well as displaying contact information, CANDDi will also add useful and interesting firmographic data, within the profile you can see that we have been able to identify the company description as well as the industry, number of employees and revenue.

Filter your prospect list

Having the ability to segment and filter the list of prospects is an important CANDDi feature. You can fine-tune our filters as much as you wish, and ensure that only the most important and interesting prospects stand out.

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