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Portait of Patrick C.

Patrick C.

Google & Hubspot Certified Digital Marketer

Great platform for identifying and connecting with potential b2b leads

4 stars


"Having a list of "identified companies" is one of the best features. Gives you great impetus for LinkedIn retargeting campaigns. Also looks impressive on reports to show your client/boss that multi-million (sometimes billion) pound/dollar companies have been browsing your website."

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Leland M. initials

Leland M.

Using CANDDi = More Sales

5 stars


"The technology works very well given the inherent limitations to ID'ing web traffic. I like that they use an expanded ID graph, as opposed to just IP matching, which is typically inaccurate. Given the improved accuracy and rates of ID, my clients have definitely benefited from new opportunities and deals that would have otherwise been missed. In addition, the crew behind CANDDi is awesome to..."

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Portait of Richard B.

Richard B.

Technology marketing leader

The best of all the web lead analysis tools that I've tried

4 and a half stars


"This is really the only lead tracking tool we've found that is flexible enough to give us the insight that we need from our B2B website. I've implemented Lead Forensics and several others but taken them all off again and this is the one I've stuck with. The integration with the website was straightforward and the level of insight is higher than the other systems we've tried. The presentation of..."

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