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Identify companies who visit your site
Identify individuals who visit your site
Integration with Salesforce
Integration with Dynamics
Integration with Zoho
Integration with Insightly
Track anonymous visitors until identified
Real-time prospect alerts
Email integration

What’s the difference?


If you're working with a small marketing budget, you may be tempted to pick Whoisvisiting. Naturally, their cost reflects their service; CANDDi offers many more features crucial for sales and marketing, at a price you can afford.

Identifying Companies

Whoisvisiting is able to identify which company has visited your site, which is great for finding out what business is interested in yours. However, only having this vague information can be an issue when you attempt to contact that company, since you don’t know the name of the person that’s interested.
That’s why CANDDi is so useful; with innovative identification methods, we can tell you who visited your site, giving your team the precise information they need when it matters the most.

CRM Integration

At CANDDi, we believe it’s important to drive our rich data about prospects directly into the software your sales team is already comfortable using. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with so many CRMs, and will provide a bespoke integration with your CRM if we don’t already!
Whoisvisiting can only integrate with Salesforce, which is a significant issue for companies who use other CRMs.

Email Integration

Whoisvisiting offers a good starting point by identifying companies who have visited your site, but when it comes to following up on this information, email integration is invaluable.
CANDDi keeps you informed throughout the entire sales process; we provide data on the engagement of your email marketing campaigns, and track your one-to-one emails to tell you when prospects open them or click on any links.

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