Thinking of using Leadfeeder?
Here’s what CANDDi has to offer.

Leadfeeder focuses on trying to identify the company who visits your site. CANDDi tells you this, and also who.

At a glance

Identify companies who visit
Identify individuals who visit
Integration with Salesforce
Bespoke integration with any CRM
Real-time prospect alerts
Daily Reports
Lead scoring
Email integration and tracking
Set-up cost

What’s the difference?

Identifying Visitors

Leadfeeder attempts to identify which company has visited your website, but beyond that, they are only able to give you a list of who it might have been based on that company’s employees.

With our innovative identification methods, we can tell you which individual has visited your site, so you can contact them personally when they are most likely to close the deal.

CRM Integration

Both CANDDi and Leadfeeder can integrate with major CRMs such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics.

CANDDi offers integration with a great deal more CRMs than this, and with our bespoke integration we can plug in to almost any CRM you might have that we don’t already!

Daily Reports

Though Leadfeeder sends email updates about new prospects in real time, it does not offer the same Daily Report service that has proven so popular with our users.

With the Daily Report, anyone from your team can get a highly detailed snapshot of the day’s new leads and marketing performance at a glance.


CANDDi and Leadfeeder are in a similar price range, so CANDDi’s more advanced tracking and higher allowance of unique visitors per month may make it the better choice for you.

Plus, while Leadfeeder only reveal which price plan you’ll be on after you sign up for a trial, we like to make our prices clear from the outset.

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