Identify the individual, not just the company

So Lead Forensics have given you the name of the company, but who do you call? This is the frustration many Lead Forensics customers have.

This is where CANDDi comes in. We don't just identify the company, but also the individual, so your sales team can call them directly, knowing they are already interested.

Lead Forensics Profile
CANDDi Profile
We moved to CANDDi as it gives everything we got from Lead Forensics plus a lot more. Once someone has registered with us, we can track exactly what that specific individual does on our site, something we could never do with Lead Forensics.
Paul Rubens, AcSoft

Better for modern Businesses

Lead Across Devices

Track leads across devices

Modern business isn’t just done in the office, decision makers also work while commuting and at home. CANDDi’s technology can track your customers on any device and in any location whereas LF can only track visits made from the office.

Identify Any Company

Identify any company

Did you know only 5% of UK businesses have a static IP - and even then it's typically larger ones. LF relies on this information to gather leads, but CANDDi does not, giving you leads from more companies.

One Business, Multiple Leads

One business, multiple leads

Lead Forensics cannot distinguish between visits from multiple people within a business. This leaves you unsure who to call and without a full picture of the level of interest. CANDDi identifies individuals, so you know the specific people to call and exactly what content they have viewed on your site.

Feature comparison

FeatureCANDDiLead Forensics
Identify company
Identify individual
Individual browsing history
Track leads across devices
Integrate with your Email systems
Integrates with CRM
Lead scoring
Hot prospect alerts
Referrer (including email)

Is CANDDi right for my business?

CANDDi is an exceptionally powerful tool for most businesses but it is not right for everyone.

Although CANDDI is awesome, it isn't a crystal ball! We work best with businesses that are proactive in their sales and marketing efforts. If you sell B2B and do email marketing CANDDi will revolutionise your sales process.

Does your business...

Sell B2B
Do email marketing
Have a medium to long sales cycle

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