Thinking of using Communigator?
Here’s what CANDDi has to offer.

At a glance

Identify companies who visit your site
Identify individuals who visit your site
Integration with Salesforce
Bespoke integration with any CRM
Real-time prospect alerts
Lead scoring
Email integration and tracking
One-on-one email tracking
Pricing revealed upfront

What’s the difference?

Identifying Visitors

Communigator attempts to identify which company has visited your website, but beyond that, they are only able to give you a list of who it might have been based on that company’s employees.

With our innovative identification methods, we can tell you which individual has visited your site, so you can contact them personally when they are most likely to close the deal.

CRM Integration

Both CANDDi and Communigator can integrate with major CRMs such as Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Dynamics.

CANDDi takes this even further; our bespoke integration means we can plug into almost any CRM you might use that we don’t already!


Communigator doesn’t reveal its costs until you give them your details, but at CANDDi we like to make our prices clear from the outset.

We offer a range of subscription models to best suit your business plan, and with no nasty hidden costs!

One-on-one email tracking

Like CANDDi, Communigator integrates with your email marketing campaigns to track which recipients click links on the email, and what they do once they arrive at your website.

CANDDi offers an even deeper service by allowing you to track the emails you send one-to-one, so you’re notified when leads open and engage with any of your emails!

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