Thinking of using A1 WebStats?
Here’s what CANDDi has to offer.

Before making a decision on which software is right for you...

It’s important to understand that A1 Webstats and CANDDi offer slightly different solutions.

While both A1 Webstats and CANDDi focus on providing data about who is engaging with your website and emails, CANDDi offers a more comprehensive approach which allows your sales team to act on this data and convert more leads.

At a glance

Identify companies who visit your site
Identify individuals who visit your site
Integration with major CRMs
Bespoke integration with any CRM
Real-time prospect alerts
Email integration and tracking
One-on-one email tracking
Free trial
Flexible pricing options

What’s the difference?

Identifying Visitors

A1 Webstats attempts to identify which company has visited your website, but vague information like this can prove an issue when it comes to contacting them.

With our innovative identification methods, CANDDi can identify the company and the individual that visited, giving you with the precise information you need to contact the right person at the right time.

CRM Integration

At CANDDi, we believe it’s important to drive our rich data about prospects directly into the software your sales team is already comfortable using. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with so many CRMs, and will provide a bespoke integration with your CRM if we don’t already!

A1 Webstats do not integrate with any CRMs. This means that any information gained from the software must be manually communicated to sales, wasting valuable time when your sales team could be contacting the prospect!

One-on-one email tracking

Like CANDDi, A1 Webstats integrates with your email marketing campaigns to track which recipients click links on the email, and what they do once they arrive at your website.

CANDDi offers an even deeper service by allowing you to track the emails you send one-to-one, so you’re notified when leads open and engage with any of your emails!

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