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Turning Cold Prospects into Warm Leads

Published 10 Jun 2022 by Chris Glover, CANDDi
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If you're in sales, then you know that one of the hardest things to do is to turn a cold prospect into a warm lead. It can be a daunting task, but if you have the right tools and strategies in place, it's definitely possible.

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What is a Cold Prospect?

A cold prospect is someone who is not familiar with your product or service. They may have never heard of your company before, or they may be aware of it but don’t really know much about what you do.

What is a Warm Lead?

A warm lead, on the other hand, is someone who is already interested in what you have to offer. They may have visited your website or seen your product in a store. They might even be familiar with your company’s mission and values.

Why is it Hard to Turn a Cold Prospect into a Warm Lead?

There are a few reasons why it can be so difficult to turn a cold prospect into a warm lead. First of all, you have to introduce them to your product or service in a way that is compelling and interesting. This can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with a complex product.

Another issue is that you have to build trust with a cold prospect. They don’t know anything about you or your product, so they may be hesitant to commit to a purchase. Trust is a huge factor in any sales process, and it can be very difficult to establish trust with someone who is starting from scratch.

Finally, you have to find a way to stand out from the competition. If there are other companies selling similar products or services, then you need to find a way to differentiate yourself. This can be tricky, but it’s definitely possible.

4 Main Stages in the Buying Process

Knowing the 4 stages within the buying process can help better your understanding of how to approach cold prospects.

  1. Awareness: This is the first stage in the buying process, and it’s when the prospect becomes aware of a need or want. They might not be aware of your company or product yet, but they are aware of the need that needs to be filled.
  2. Interest: In this stage, the prospect begins to learn more about their options and starts to develop a preference for certain products or services. They might start to research different companies and compare different products.
  3. Decision: This is when the prospect makes a decision about which product or service to purchase. They weigh their options and make a choice based on their needs and wants.
  4. Action: In the final stage, the prospect takes action and makes a purchase.

How CANDDi can Help with Each Stage in the Buying Process

  • Awareness: CANDDi can help you to identify which pages on your website are being visited the most. This information can be used to create targeted content that will speak directly to the needs of your prospects.
  • Interest: CANDDi can track the actions that your prospects take on your website. This information can be used to identify which products or services they are interested in.
  • Decision: CANDDi can provide you with valuable insights into the marketing campaigns that are generating the most leads. This information can be used to make decisions about which campaigns are worth investing in.
  • Action: CANDDi can help you to identify which prospects are ready to buy. This information can be used to create targeted sales strategies that will close more deals.

6 Ways to Turn a Cold Prospect into a Warm Lead

Now that we’ve gone over some of the challenges of turning a cold prospect into a warm lead, let’s take a look at how you can actually make it happen.

1. Start with a Compelling Introduction

As we mentioned before, you need to start with a strong introduction. This is your chance to really grab their attention and make them want to learn more about your product or service.

2. Research, Research, Research

Before you start reaching out to cold prospects, it’s important to do your research. Learn as much as you can about their needs and wants. This will help you tailor your sales pitch and give you a better chance of success.

2. Build Trust from the Beginning

Trust is essential in any sales process, so you need to make sure you’re building it from the beginning. This means being transparent, honest, and providing as much information as possible.

3. Focus on the Benefits

When you’re introducing your product or service, make sure you focus on the benefits. What can it do for the prospect? How will it enhance their life?

4. Be Different

As we mentioned before, you need to find a way to stand out from the competition. This means being unique and offering something that the other companies can’t match.

5. Make it Easy to Buy

Finally, you need to make it easy for the prospect to buy your product or service. This means having a simple and streamlined purchase process.

By following these steps, you can turn a cold prospect into a warm lead. Just remember that it takes time, patience, and perseverance. Don’t give up if you don’t see results immediately - keep working at it and you’ll eventually succeed.

How CANDDi Can Help Turn Cold Prospects Into Warm Leads

One of the best ways to turn a cold prospect into a warm lead is to use CANDDi. CANDDi is a powerful tracking and identification tool that can help you generate more leads from your marketing campaigns and close more sales. It can show you who’s been on your website, what they looked at, any actions they’ve taken, and what marketing source brought them to the website in the first place.


Turning cold prospects into warm leads can be a challenge, but it is very much possible. With the right tools and information, you can start to see real results in no time.

At CANDDi, we specialize in helping businesses turn their cold leads into warm ones. Our tracking and identification software helps businesses identify who is visiting their website so they can reach out and start building those valuable relationships. If you want to learn more about how CANDDi can help you turn your cold prospects into warm leads, contact us today for a free demo. We would love to show you how our software can make a difference for your business.

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