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How CANDDi Uses Tag Clouds

Published 12 May 2014 by Alice Jones, CANDDi
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A quick insight into tag clouds, what, why and how to use them effectively.

tag cloud

What is it?

A tag cloud is a collection of tags that have have been used on a website. Most commonly found featured on news articles, blogs and social media accounts, it is set up to report the importance, relevance and frequency of activity on a website and provide a measure of the customer journey. The more activity of a tag, the stronger the colour, the stronger the weight or bigger the size, with the less important tags displaying vice versa.

Why is it effective?

On a base level, the tag cloud allows the website owner to view what tags have been the most popular. It is able to organise a huge bulk of information in a clear way that provides the user with a first insight into a scenario. Tag clouds are not just a tool to view the customer journey, when used at its full advantage it can increase SEO presence. Including the right keywords, you can increase the relevancy of the page and create a high quality rating for your site.

When you use CANDDi, we provide you with a tag cloud assigned to each individual visitor profile. By displaying data in this way, the user can quickly identify trends and use this to create streams.
Tag clouds have been around since the late 90’s so not a new phenomenon, however, it is common for businesses not to utilise them in an effective way and in some cases, jeopardise their search engine ranking.

Making the Best Use of a Tag Cloud?

1. Amount of Tags

Tag responsibly and keep the amount of a tags to a sensible number. Just as tag clouds can help support SEO ranking, too many tags has the adverse effect, coming across as keyword stuffing to Google. This can create the bot to classify the cloud as spam and reduce your quality rate.

2. Simple as Possible - Easy to Read

Remember that the tag cloud is a tool for users to help navigate the content easier, whether that is behind the scenes using CANDDi analytics to build customer streams or for customers visiting your site searching their way through information. It has been found that tag clouds that stick to one element representing the importance of a tag (such as size of text or colour of text) are easier to read and often most used.

3. Attractive and Interactive

Ensure that the tag cloud fits in with the overall layout of your website without cluttering the sidebar or distracting from the content. Providing it with functions that include alphabetising and size ordering, all aids to a more efficient navigational tool.
As you can see with CANDDi analytics, we provide a tag cloud using one set colour but with different weights and size to make it clear for our customers to identify trends with individual users. It fits in with the style of our website and is there as an aid not a distraction.

Tag Cloud

For more information on how CANDDi uses Tag Clouds, live chat us now for a free demo.

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