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Google Rolling Out One-Click Unsubscribe

Published 06 Mar 2014 by luis, CANDDi
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Google is adding an unsubscribe button that automatically appears at the top of emails. What does this mean for your business?

One Click

This doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop sending emails, or you’re banned from contacting your customers in this way.

It just means you’ll have to make a few changes in the way you do things, and Google will send you an email to let you know if you need to remove a specific Gmail user from your list

Why have Google made this change?

In a nutshell, lots of Gmail users were reporting spam emails and after extensive analysis, Google found that not enough companies were adhering to the Spam Act 2003 legislation. Some companies were sending too many promotional emails and Google needed to do something about it.

Who is this relevant for?

Although this step will mainly benefit Gmail users, it will also ensure your promotional emails aren’t being flagged as spam, avoiding your business’ online presence being damaged.

It may seem like Google are making our jobs harder but this isn’t necessarily the case, they’re actually preventing the email marketing campaigns we send from being discarded to the dreaded spam folder.

So, Is this good or bad?

We think it’s a positive way forward. By having the unsubscribe feature, it will result in the companies providing a better service and the recipients receiving an improved experience.

What does this mean to your business?

Rather than recipients having to scroll down to the bottom of every email to find the unsubscribe button, having the button at the header makes the act of unsubscribing easier than ever. It just means your business will have to be more careful when sending promotional emails and newsletters.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid your recipients unsubscribing

•	Be consistent, make sure you’re not bombarding your audience by sending too many emails. Plan your email   campaigns in advance, and space them out.

•	Set expectations, tell people the kind of thing you’re going to be sending them and how often - in return  they’ll know you’ll be getting in touch and they will expect it... and hopefully stay away                 from the unsubscribe button!

•	Answer questions, give advice, and always try to find more ways to engage with your audience

And how can we help?

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