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4 Simple Web Tracking Questions The Elite Marketers Know To Ask

Published 21 Jan 2014 by Paul Clarke, CANDDi
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Who is visiting my website? The question on every marketer’s lips. And we’re not talking “Which businesses are on my website?” We’re talking real people here.


Who is visiting my website?

I mean, for almost a decade now it’s been possible to see the businesses visiting a website through basic IP tracking tools like Google Analytics, Lead Forensics or A1Webstats.

But we don’t want just business names. Let’s be honest, when we’re asking ‘who’ is visiting my website, a business name is only the first piece of the puzzle? What are we supposed to do? Get our sales team to ring receptions desks asking “do you know who visited our website?”.

Believe me, I’ve tried it. And I’ve had better luck calling through the Yellow Pages.

We all know that not every visitor to a website is a certified prospect.

And we also know that time is too precious to be throwing it down the drain.

After all, the reason people use web tracking tools is to save time, not waste it.

So, how are the Elite Marketers using web analytics to increase their customers?

Well, it comes by knowing what makes a customer a customer in the first place.

For years, the full-service marketing automation tools like Eloqua, Hubspot and Marketo have been using cookie web technology to see the people visiting a website and measure their behaviour.

The downside to these marketing automation tools for most businesses is they cost too much money. And they have thousands of features you wouldn’t use, even if you knew how to.

Which is exactly why CANDDi is now the leading web tracking tool in the UK.

Let’s imagine you trialled CANDDi software and were seeing the real people, customers and prospects visiting your website.

What next?

What are the leading marketers actually doing with CANDDi to increase their sales?

Well, they begin by asking themselves 4 very simple questions…(you’ve heard of the KISS principle, right!)

  • Which people are visiting my website?
  • Which of those are REAL prospects and customers?
  • What caused them to convert to a prospect or customer?
  • How can I replicate that to trigger more prospects and customers?

In the wise words of Sun Tzu Art of War, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory”.

And in the modern day context, this means knowing precisely what triggers your prospects and customers to become prospects and customers, so you can create more prospects and customers!

After all, nothing breeds success like success.

And as Aristotle advised with his rule of cause and effect, once you know what works, you keep doing it!


Or, of course, you could always base your marketing plan on some other random principle if you prefer.

And after all, if that doesn’t work out, there’s always the yellow pages to fall back on. ;-)

Author. Paul Clarke CANDDi

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