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CANDDi Insights updated with automated filtering on pages viewed or other actions

Published 26 Aug 2013 by , CANDDi
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CANDDi Insights’ latest update brings powerful automated filtering options based on actions performed by…

CANDDi Insights’ latest update brings powerful automated filtering options based on actions performed by the visitor.

We’ve just updated CANDDi Insights with our biggest product release since “Email notifications” (read more).

Many of you asked us “I want to see everyone who saw my contact us page” or “I want to know who started my conversion funnel but didn’t finish it”.

We looked at this and thought “actually wouldn’t it be cool if CANDDi could automatically apply a tag to any visitor performing a specific action on a website, and if we could filter based on this tag?”.

Now with the new release you can tell CANDDi that a given action, such as a page view, a download or a form submission, should be tagged by a specific name you decide. You can then of course create a stream of people who have or do not have this tag in their profile.

######Example 1: You know your “Contact Us” page is important Simply tell CANDDi Insights to apply the tag “viewed contact us” to the page Contact Us. Then you can create a stream where for example you display everyone who spent more than 1 minute on your website, performed more than 4 actions and have the tag “viewed contact us”.

######Example 2: You want to exclude visitors who log in on your website In this case you want to tell CANDDi Insights that the landing page once logged on should be tagged “has logged in”. Once it’s done you just have to create a stream with all the criteria that make a good prospect to you but adding the rule do not have the tag “has logged in”.

######Example 3: Drop basket / incomplete conversion funnel This example shows how powerful CANDDi can be: imagine you have a multi steps conversion funnel. You can tag each step as Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 for example. Now you will be able to see WHO didn’t complete the funnel. Even better: if CANDDi captured the identity of the visitor in a previous visit you’ll be able to see that this visitor entered the funnel even if he didn’t resubmit his email during that visit.

And as usual with CANDDi, no change is needed on your website. All the setup is accessible from your dashboard.

We have more updates coming soon, but in the meanwhile we’d like to hear your comments.

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