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CANDDi Launches Core V2, New Modules; Announces Four New Customer Wins

Published 08 Nov 2012 by , CANDDi
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CANDDi announced a major step forward in its development today with the launch of Version 2 of the CANDDi Core Prospect Analytics platform, and three new Intervention modules.

CANDDi announced a major step forward in its development today with the launch of Version 2 of the CANDDi Core Prospect Analytics platform, and three new Intervention modules. The company also demonstrated serious traction by releasing case studies from four customers, using the Core platform, API, and additional modules.

CANDDi Core V2 incorporates major improvements in usability, functionality and performance for CANDDi Core customers.

CANDDi CEO Tim Langley said: “People have always liked our interface because it shows them information they can use, right away. But we identified things we could do to make it even easier to use, and to open up the platform to better support our roadmap. CANDDi V2 brings a raft of performance updates, much slicker user experience, and most importantly, a simple means for creating personalised interventions in each Visitor’s online experience.”

Alongside Core V2, CANDDi has launched three additional Intervention modules for the CANDDi Core platform:

  • CANDDi Questions enables companies to create targeted, personalised surveys for individuals or groups of visitors, to capture more leads and better prospect information
  • CANDDi Response provides timed, targeted follow-up emails, automatically generated from your website when Visitors hit defined goals
  • CANDDi Alerts delivers real-time and summary level email reports to users based on Visitor activity; Get notified when a hot prospect hits the site, see how all prospects have behaved during the day

CANDDi enables companies to personalise online interactions with their Prospects and Customers in just three simple steps.

  • Step 1: CANDDi automatically profiles the identity and behaviour of each Web visitor and presents this information, in real-time, in a clear format
  • Step 2: CANDDi offers simple tools to search and segment Visitor data, building ‘Streams’ of Visitors with common characteristics
  • Step 3: On each stream, users can add a variety of ‘Interventions’, automated personalisation modules that enable dynamic web content, real-time alerts, and outbound follow-up emails.

It is this simplicity that has attracted a variety of new customers to CANDDi from a range of sectors. These include:

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: “CANDDi makes it clear exactly how we are engaging with our 5,000-strong membership base online, and where the opportunities are for us to grow,” said Greater Manchester Chamber Deputy Chief Executive, Chris Fletcher.

MotoNovo Finance: “CANDDi gives us much better data about our online interactions - data we can use to improve our service to customers and dealers alike,” said Head of CRM, Marc Rees-Price.

Incutio: “Our email marketing platform has a huge variety of customers and prospects and we need to treat them all appropriately. CANDDi lets us see when someone might need a call to get them over the line,” said Sales Manager, Matthew Shooman.

Direct Group: “CANDDi gives us rich data about the people checking out our landlord insurance site, It tells us clearly what’s working and what isn’t,” said Digital Marketing Manager, Rob Walton.

CANDDi Core starts from just 100 pounds per month for low-traffic sites, with bolt-on Intervention modules starting from just 50 pounds per month. To see CANDDi in action, book an online demo at or visit CANDDi at the Econsultancy FUNNEL event at the Emirates Stadium on the 13th November:

About CANDDi

CANDDi is a fast-growing technology company based in Newcastle and Manchester. CANDDi’s Prospect Analytics software helps companies to convert more website visitors into customers. By profiling each visitor based on their identity and behaviour, CANDDi enables companies to personalise interactions, increasing engagement and conversions.

For more information see or contact Tom Cheesewright:, +44(0)161 242 7234.

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