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B2B Marketing- New Solutions for old Problems

Published 14 Sep 2012 by , CANDDi
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Selling business-to-business offerings has always been complex. But a new technology might offer a simple solution.

**The Paradox of Old and New


As a business selling to other businesses, we’re often all to aware of how paradoxical this process is. We face the same problems with communicating our marketing message, trying to navigate the complex B2B sales cycle and generating the right leads (and more of them), as B2B sellers have since the beginning of time. (Or marketing. Take your pick).

The paradoxical part is how radically different the solutions to these problems are today to what would have helped deliver results even 10 years ago.

So how are B2B marketers supposed to solve these age-old issues in a world where power has shifted explicitly into the hands of the buyer? Where the early stages of the buying process are overwhelmingly carried out online, independently of any direct sales communications?

A new solution for B2B sellers

**It's not all about SEO


Answers to these questions are already saturating the web, with solutions such as engagement through social media, investment in Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the usual popular suggestions.

But let me throw in my hat with another idea that just might revolutionise the way B2B selling happens in the future…

**Customise Engagement


Engaging with B2B prospects as they interact with your brand and product offerings online is crucial. But that engagement should be customized: based on who exactly those prospects are and what they’re looking for at the time.

Currently the solutions we hear most about, proposing to solve the old B2B problems in the new web 2.0 environment, are focused on getting your B2B value proposition out on the web more effectively, attempting to gain more inbound leads.

However, it is understanding those leads that do come to you and interact with your offerings that is really valuable. And where so many B2B sellers are failing right now.

Without Prospect Analytic technology, the powerful tool that allows you to customize your interventions with different prospects based on different stages of engagement and identity profile, your business is losing the most valuable information from your website: who is interested in buying from you.

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