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Curated by Brian Sandiford

Uncover Company

Uncover the people & businesses that visit your website

Step One

Check Forms

Unless you are your company’s main website editor, in order to make changes to your website, you will either need help from you internal web designer or your external agency.

The biggest piece of advice, from CANDDi’s point of view, would be to review your existing forms to consider if they are too long. CANDDi only needs a name and email address to track their machine going forward. You can find out their phone number from the end of their email address domain. Although this may be slightly more work for you, it should generate more enquiries.


Step Two

Live Chat

There are lots of possibilities for new “Calls To Action” - downloads, message sends, subscribe forms, demo & sample forms, even Live Chat (CANDDi integrates with several as standard). If you simply have a Contact Us form on a seperate page in the top menu, you may wish to add more ways for potential prospects to get in touch and subsequently Identify themselves on CANDDi dashboard.

Step Three

Contact Forms

The last tip would be to remove any direct email addresses. If they send you an email we cannot track them. A better idea would be have a mini form with name, email address and message box, or a link to the Contact Us page so they can complete this form instead.

Step Four

Track Contacts

If you don’t want to Identify and track job applicants, this would be fine. For prospects however, you could miss out on tracking a huge potential client.

CANDDi will pick up your existing forms and automatically map the fields so that when they are completed, they get pushed into the correct place within their CANDDi Profile. If this isn’t the case, we would manually tag these fields up for you.

Let us know if you add any new forms so we can test these for you straight away.