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At CANDDi we are passionate about sales, marketing and tech. We speak with companies like yours everyday (even the developers - especially the developers) to make sure we're delivering a tool that meets your requirements and solves your problems. Our standards are high, and our customer service is outstanding... at the core of everything we do, we have our clients and prospects in mind.

Staying true to our start-up roots, we're a little bit disruptive, we innovate A LOT, and we are constantly evolving. As a team we're often described as a disfunctional family...and it would be hard to argue with that :) Meet the team...

Meet The Team

Anosh Malik


Anosh is our coding Padawan, fuelled by orange juice and a thirst for learning he spends his time at work cutting code to ensure CANDDi is constantly evolving. He's a bit of a rogue and outside of work he can be found commentating on the next best way of hacking new ways of doing...erm...codey stuff.

Brian Sandiford

Account Development

Brian has a wealth of experience in keeping people happy by giving them a return on their investment. He's a qualified Financial Adviser so is an expert in understanding what value would be for YOU in particular. In his spare time he's probably doing the next bit of DIY on his wife's list in exchange for her amazing cooking (we hate him).

Daniel Wingfield


Dan is champion of our support team - he's the voice of CANDDi and likely to be your first point of contact if you have a question. He's super helpful and cares deeply - especially about Rosé. He's a bit rough around the edges but we wouldn't change him for the world - he will make your problems his problems and probably knows CANDDi better than anyone :)

Danielle Lever

Account Support

Danie joined CANDDi to escape a life of gambling (she used to work a the bookies) and now ensures CANDDi's data is of the highest of standards. Her dream is to see Celine Dion in Vegas, and her Scouse determination and grafters spirit will probably get her there!

Felipe Cabral

Design & Development

Enzo (a.k.a Felipe) is our designer, he makes CANDDi beautiful... and if he wasn't giving the product a makeover, he'd probably be putting makeup on himself :) We're unsure if it's his creative eye, his Brazilian flair, or the homemade chocolate treats but we heart him.

Janie Krahulcova


Janie is approaching the end of her time at Manchester University studying Japanese... she approached CANDDi to experience what 'real life' in a business would be like, poor girl didn't know what she let herself in for! For now she joins us to brighten up our Mondays, and our Friday meetings... and hopefully we'll be able to keep her without her noticing :)

Jennifer Cousins

Account Development

Don't be deceived by Jen's fresh face and calm demeanour... she will dig deep to make sure she knows exactly what your CANDDi objectives are and won't give up until you see the results. She's fluent in Chinese and is often seen grabbing a quick drink before dancing the night away. Ni Hao.

Lisa Taylor


Lisa has mastered the art of selling without you feeling 'sold to'. She's consistent, chilled and very committed. When she's not in work she's training to be a Copper.. whatever you say may be used against you :)

Matthew Glancy


Meet Matty, he's our brand spanking new Apprentice Developer. He enjoys gaming, playing pool, listening to rap, and eating pizza. Upon being asked why he enjoys these things, what makes him feel passionate, and what exhilarates him, he looked into the distance and responded with a thoughful "I don't know". He's a babyfaced man of mystery, and doesn't give much um...yeah.

Saadia Choudry

Head of Account Development

Office Mother, workaholic, and Chief Troublemaker - Saadia is currently focusing on CANDDi partnerships. She has mastered almost every role within the business - although she's a bit <rubbish> at code.


Office Baby

Although Sophia's main job is to keep her Mum on her toes, she regularly shadows the rest of team to ensure she's adding to her skill set. She's not quite sure how her role within CANDDi will evolve but she's going to stick around until she gets on the payroll.

Tim Langley

Founder / CEO

When Tim isn't in work you'll find him reading, coding or drinking. In work you'll find him coding or drinking :) And when drinking you'll often find him coding (some of our best features arrive this way). He loves pushing his staff to their absolute limits to help them improve, develop and excel.

Thomas Evans

Product Management

Mathematician, chef, entrepreneur, CANDDi Product Manager... Tom's youthful arrogance and Welsh charm makes him a welcome addition to the CANDDi team. He is all about user experience, efficiency, and ensuring all our processes and systems are as slick as possible. Just don't get him to guess your age, because he'll get it wrong, and you'll hate him forever.

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