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How to Check Your CANDDi Tracking

Published 11 Jan 2021 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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How do I know CANDDi is working?

There’s no point having tracking code if it’s not working! Our guide above will show you how to find your CANDDi code, and what to do to check it’s tracking as it should.

To get the most out of CANDDi, all of the pages on your website must have the CANDDi code embedded.

By not having CANDDi installed throughout your site, it is likely that not all visitors will be logged. A consequence of this is that some visitors may not be identified and not all information will be completely accurate.

That’s why we advise using the CANDDi tracking checker to ensure everything is working correctly.

Adding CANDDi Tracking Code

This is usually handled by our lovely Customer Care team during our onboarding process, but if you ever need to install CANDDi onto your site yourself, here’s our guide for manually adding CANDDi tracking.

You’ll need your personalised Javascript code, which can be found by watching the video above.

The Javascript Tracker is simply the lines of Javascript which are inserted in the header or footer of your website (our recommendation).

This is what CANDDi uses to record the data from each visitor.

If there’s anything else you need with regards to your tracking code, let us know at