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YMLP Integration

Published 06 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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If you’re using YMLP for your email campaigns, follow the steps below to make sure CANDDi is compatible and can track your newsletters.

If you know about CANDDi’s integration with mail platforms, you’ll know this is possible through merge tags. YMLP however doesn’t mandate standard merge fields, so your fields may have different names to the ones below.

When you create a newsletter, you can use ‘Manage Data Fields’ under the Manage Contacts tab to customise your newsletter. For example, if you set-up the field ‘EmailAddress’ to be the Contact’s email address, you can then insert [EMAILADDRESS] as the merge tag.

In order to track these users when they come through to CANDDi you need to insert links from the email to your website. Use the ‘Insert Link’ in the ‘Create Newsletter’ section.

Create URL’s like below:


You need to make sure: [YOUR_WEBSITE] is the link back to the page on your website that you wish to send visitors to [EMAILADDRESS] is the Merge Field that you have stored as the User’s Email Address [FIRSTNAME] and [LASTNAME] are as expected

The end result should look something like:

YMLP will automatically introduce the correct parameters when you send the email. When the recipient clicks through this link then they will be taken to your website and identified by CANDDi. It’s always a good idea to test the email before you send it out into the wild. If you want to add your CANDDi account manager to your test list, we will verify that everything is working properly for you.

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