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Does CANDDi know the location of my website visitors?

Published 18 Nov 2020 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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Through CANDDi’s IP lookup, we can identify the location of your website visitors.

At the end of the day, they are called IP addresses for a reason. Much like how your actual address gives details on whereabouts you live, an IP address does the same for your computer devices!

We can track them because once a business has its website domain up and running, they have to register their IP address to public databases.

IP lookup tools then have the freedom to access these databases and piece together details such as the actual IP address, domain name and location of said IP address.

So what info can CANDDi give you?

CANDDi locations

When you’re looking at your website visitor’s profiles, you can scroll down to see their different locations. You’re looking for a screen that looks like this:

CANDDi locations

But what does this mean?

The green and yellow pins are the locations of the business. The green address pin is where that visitor is currently browsing from, with the yellow being the registered location of their businesses head office.

The blue and red pins are a little different.

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider, so this literally means the company your prospect gets their internet connection from. BT, Virgin, whoever. This is where we identify the company’s IP addresses. Mobile ISP is pretty much the same, just wireless.

What are the benefits?

The good thing about knowing where your prospects are browsing is that you can reach out accordingly. Maybe there’s a time difference, or you need to know if they’re now working from home. Either way, you stay ahead of the game.

With CANDDi, we show you all these different locations to help give you the bigger picture. We’re able to do this as we drop first-party cookies onto each piece of individual hardware that arrives on your site. Especially these days.

With more and more of us moving to our home offices, there’s becoming a bigger reliance on ISP data.

Are there any limitations?

Obviously CANDDi is fully GDPR compliant, so we can’t go about tracking people’s personal information without their say so. That’s why ISP addresses are an approximation. They’re generally accurate to +/ - 100 miles.

Mobile ISPs however are only accurate at country level.

CANDDi is a clever piece of technology, but even our algorithms can get confused sometimes. It doesn’t happen often, but if you’ve noticed CANDDi isn’t pulling through data as it should, reach out to the team at