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Problems with CANDDi Tracked Emails and ClickDimensions

Published 14 Jun 2021 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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CANDDi works alongside your existing bulk email platform to allow you to send tracked email campaigns. In doing so, you can monitor who’s engaging with your marketing, but more importantly, allow CANDDi to identify who’s clicking through to your site.

Once a visitor has been identified, they’ll be recognised on every single return visit. With other email tracking tools, you’d lose this visibility.

But in order for us to work our magic, your ESP needs to be able to send personalised emails to each individual recipient. You can have a look at how to integrate with ClickDimensions here.

Once you’re all set up, it’s time to send out a tracked email campaign.

Head over to your CANDDi Dashboard and click on the ‘Identify’ tab. You’ll then want to click on ‘Email Marketing from the options down the left hand side.

You can then choose ClickDimensions from our drop down menu, (simply start typing it to get there faster) and add in the link you’d like to direct your email recipients to.

CANDDi will automatically generate a CANDDi tracked link for you, which you can copy and paste directly from the box below ‘Your Tracking Link:’

click dimensions

This is now ready to be added to your email campaign! For more information on using ClickDimensions and links, check here.

However, it is possible that your emails containing CANDDi tracked links won’t always land in your recipients inbox. Yet fear not! We’ve got a little workaround for you.

Open up ClickDimensions and make sure you’re in HTML mode for your email campaign. You need to insert assign statements at the top of the email template:


Then, go to your link(s) in the HTML view and add the following query string (ensure the link remains within the two quotes)


After this, you’re ready to send!

We appreciate this is a bit tricky, so if you need a hand getting set-up, please let us know at