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Making the most of CANDDi’s CRM Integration

Published 03 Mar 2021 by Ellice Eadie, CANDDi
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One of the biggest decisions in choosing a new software for your business is making sure it’ll fit in effortlessly with the systems you’re already using.

That’s why CANDDi is designed to integrate with your existing CRM, driving our data directly into the software your teams are already comfortable with using. Hopefully resulting in a quicker, less painful transition period!

If you’ve not yet got yourself set up, check out our guide to installing the CRM integration.

Why bother?

With the CANDDi CRM Integration, you’ll now be able to see the company details and contact information associated with that lead. This can be found on the profile tab.

If you want to see how they’re interacting with your site, click on ‘Web Activity’ to see the contact’s tags, downloads and page views.

There’s also a ‘Company News’ tab which also shows information on their company.

Finally, you can view the profile in full detail by clicking ‘View Contact in CANDDi’ and this profile will open in your dashboard.

In doing so, your sales team can reduce the amount of time needed in the CANDDi system directly. Our CRM integration means you can get an overlay view of contacts that are matching in both databases.

This will allow your sales people to see activity undertaken on your website. This could be page visits, how long has been spent online and where they’ve come from.

With this data, you can create conversations that are more targeted to each prospect and figure out where any problems lie.

If you need a hand getting set up, let us know at